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The Unbeatable List: LVO 2019 – 40K

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Feb 11 2019
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Another LVO has come and gone. Let’s all look at the unbeatable list that fought it’s way to the top of the 40K meta (and one that came… oh, oh so close).

LVO 2019’s 40K event came down to the wire. The winner came down to just a couple of late game die rolls, and the winner beat out the runner up by a tiny number of points.  The lists and both players were great and it was such a closely run thing that we had to give you both list to enjoy.

WINNER – The Unbeatable List

Brandon Grant, Astra Militarum

A solid Imperial soup that is refreshingly mostly AM, with the Knight Castellan thrown in.  Lots of CP, enough bodies to control the table, and some solid infantry assault elements, rounded out by a Vigilus Emperor’s Wrath Artillery Company to soften up critical assault targets. The Castellan of course is dead killy. All hail the Champion!

Runner up – So Very Close!

Alex Harrison, Asuryani

An Aeldari-Ynarri flying circus that can get to any target it chooses, and is quite difficult to take down via flyer/Alaitoc trickery. It’s got plenty of psychic potential, and Ynarri plus Vect options to both push the advantage or shut down unexpected enemy stratagems. It came so very, very close, but didn’t quite make it over the line.

~Congrats to these two players! Have at it everyone, what to you think of where 40K is right now?


Author: Larry Vela
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