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40K BREAKING: Shadowspear Minis Reveal

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Mar 3 2019

Shadowspear is deploying more rapidly than we thought. Thanks to the Internet, we’ve got a look at all the minis–a grainy, single page look, but a look nonetheless–come what awaits you inside Shadowspear.

The Internet is an amazing place. We’ve already seen the rules for the new Chaos and Primaris  minis inside the Shadowspear boxed set, but now here’s a look at the minis inside as well. This image comes to the internet via the Bolter & Chainsword

via B&C

Here it is, thanks to user Reclusiarch Krieg:

And that appears to be everything. You can see the Chaos Marines including the new autocannon (which looks wicked), the Eliminator Squad with their sniper rifles, both new Obliterators and the basic Infiltrator squads. And of course the now-ubiquitous Venomcrawler. All right there out in the open. Looks like more than a few rumor/daemon engine pieces of the puzzle solved.

I wasn’t expecting to see the Suppressor Squads mounted on flying bases–but it makes sense, they do have fly, after all. But it does call to mind the image of someone holding onto a fire hose that’s on the loose. Still the new minis look pretty amazing. Which does call to mind the question: what else is in the pipeline for Vigilus’ big battle? If these are coming out now–or soon enough that these leaks are making their way to the front of the class–what else will we find in the book when it comes out? Will they have their own formations, will there be more than just that? We’re looking forward to seeing how these get integrated into the game once they’ve been out long enough to be released individually.

We’re sure to see the full kit soon, so keep an eye out.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of the new minis in the comments–wicked looking autocannon, goofy looking autocannon: you decide


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