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40K: Chaos Space Marine ‘The Lord Discordant’ Revealed

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Mar 13

Games Workshop has yet ANOTHER Chaos Space Marine model to showcase – and this one is bonkers!

If you were wondering about a few of those leftover Daemon Engine pictures, well the riddle has been answered. Meet The Discordant Lord!

via Warhammer Community

This is the Lord Discordant – a new HQ choice for Chaos armies that combines the might of a Maulerfiend, the wisdom of a Warpsmith and the leadership of a Chaos Lord into one deadly package. This is Chaos turned up to 11, then turned up some more, until the dials fall off and start leaking blood.

Teasing The Teasers

This model was actually hinted at with the cover of Vigilus Ablaze. Yet another model teased in the artwork before it made it’s “physical” presence known:

Well Played GW, Well Played!

The Lord Discordant on the Tabletop

GW has also gone so far as to show-off some of the rules for the new unit, too. These guys are like Warpsmiths that want to go on the offensive. Riding a massive Daemon Engine called a “Helstalker” they can bring the pain with quite a few different weapons like their Baleflamer/Autocannon or their sinister chain-glaive.



His Aura of Discord works both offensively and defensively – it buffs friendly Legion Daemon Engine units and causes enemy Vehicles to be disrupted:

This guy would be PERFECT as an addition to the Chaos List tweaks we recommended yesterday for the Shadowspear box. Again, we’re expecting quite a few more tweaks and units to ride alongside the Shadowspear forces. So if you ARE looking to expand, maybe be patient for now. Get the box, work on those models, play some games (like the Shadowspear Campaign) and by the time you’re done, we should have a much broader view of what Chaos Space Marines and the Daemonkin will look like. Then we can re-visit that list and see where to REALLY go.

Daemon Engine Update

Really quickly, we also got a few of those models revealed from the Daemon Engine – so now we can mark those off the Missing List:

3 Down, 9 to go…



What do you think of this MORE Evil Version of Doc Ock? Let us know in the Comments!

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