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40K: Daemon Engine – More Reveals & More Mysteries

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Mar 18

The GW Daemon Engine left us with a ton of teasers. This past weekend revealed a few but we still have lots of questions that are in need of answers!

The Reign of the Daemon Engine was a fun time. I still miss the little guy in the machine feeding us previews every day. Is that Heresy? Probably. Anyhow we got a look at some of the new pre-orders coming this weekend and oh boy did we get a treat! Let’s take a closer look at what we now know for sure was teased and what is still missing in the warp.

via Warhammer Community

First up, we got a look at the new Chaos Terrain kit coming: the Noctilith Crown.

Taken as a Fortification, the Noctilith Crown is more than just an awesome centrepiece, but a tactical lynchpin for the Heretic Astartes, giving nearby units an invulnerable save and making it easier for Chaos Psykers to cast their fell magics…


Lots of folks noted that this kit was a pretty clearly teased with this Daemon Engine:

One Mystery Down…



That still leaves quite a few still open. “But what about that CSM Heavy Bolter! That was a Daemon Engine tease!!!”  Yep! And take a closer look – those Heavy Bolters different:

Different barrel, different details, and belt-fed vs box mag. Very different models!



After this weekend we’re still missing 9 more Daemon Engine previews:


The top two heavy weapons are most likely for a new Havoc kit. That Chain Axe? Maybe it’s for a new set of Berzekers. Or perhaps it’s related to the next row of images. The second row sure does look like they could all be related to new Chaos Terminators. In the bottom row we have a few more mysteries. We know that the book is probably related to the art work that was spotted with Abaddon:

Possible new “Dark Apostle” or some other Chaos Chaplain. 

And upon closer inspection, you can tell that candle wrack sure does look similar to his back-pack. I would not be shocked if the flaming skull was some type of censer that the same model was also carrying.

So there you have it, folks. We’ve got Abaddon, a new terrain kit, and 10 more CSM models on the way and we STILL have missing Daemon Engine related models. This Chaos release is looking pretty impressive as a multi-week release with a ton of new models revealed and more on the way! It’s a great time to be a fan of Chaos.

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Can’t have a new Warmaster with out WAR!


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