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40K Deep Thought: Other Weapon Options For New Primaris Minis

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Mar 07

Lets took a look at what alternate weapons the new Primaris units will get.

Boy has this been a doozy of a week! Over the weekend we got major leaks for all the new Shadowspear units, followed by new Abaddon , new CSM news and Vigilus 2 news. It’s a lot to digest and it’s clear we are going to getting even more major releases soon. While the extra CSM news this week kind of fleshed out the stuff we’ve seen in Shadowspear we are still left wondering about the Primaris units. It’s clear from looking over them, that the datasheets we’ve seen are just for the models in Shadowspear, this means we are almost certainly going to get fuller box sets with more options at some point soon. Today I want to take a look at what other options I think the new Primaris units may come with in their full release.

A Pattern Forms

Looking at the Shadowspear release it’s hard not to be reminded of the original Primaris releases with early box sets like Dark Imperium. Those came out with limited datasheets with only one option, followed by later full kit and codex releases that saw more weapon options added to units. I think it safe to say that a similar thing will happen with Shadowspear and the new Primaris units. Now Primaris, unlike most other Imperial units, don’t normally come with a lot of options for individual models, like special weapons, but do tend to come with multiple weapon options for the whole unit. These options tend to fall into three groups:

  1. Characters– very few to no options, general do to a single model.
  2. Intercessor/Hellblaster Model, 3 versions of the same gun (this case, Assault/Rapid Fire/Heavy) that basically do the same thing.
  3. Reiver/Inceptor/Aggressor Model– 2 weapon options that are pretty different but still fill the same general role.

Vehicles meanwhile fall into their own category, but since there are no Primaris vehicles in Shadowspear we don’t have to worry about them. So with the above said I don’t think the three new characters are going to get any real options in the future. I do think Suppressors, Eliminators and Infiltrators will, lets take a look at what those might be.

Infiltrator Options

Given that this is a troop choice and a ten model squad I think they are going to fall into the 3 weapon option category like Intercessors and Hellblasters. We also have some pretty big hints at what their 2 other weapon options might be. Currently they are armed with Marksmen bolt carbines, but we also know of 3 other version of the bolt carbine. The first version is the regular bolt carbine carried by Reivers, an assault 2 version with no other special rules. The second is the Occulus Bolt Carbine (the new LT carried a master crafted version) this appears to be a rapid fire 1 bolt carbine against which the enemy does not get cover. The third version is the Instigator Bolt Carbine (the Phobos Captain carries a master crafted version), this is a heavy 1 version with better range and AP and the ability to target characters.  (Both the Master Crafted Occulus and Instigator have D2 but I think we can attribute this to them being master crafted and that the non-MC version would be D1, I also bet the regular Instigator is AP-1 not -2).

Now if Infiltrators followed the old pattern perfectly they would get to chose between the regular Bolt Carbine the Marksman and the Instigator (Assault/Rapid Fire/Heavy). However GW doesn’t seem to want to have two Primaris units with the same options so since the Reivers already use the basic bolt carbine I don’t think Infiltrators will get it. I think that the fact that we’ve had 3 types of bolt carbines shown off in the same box is a pretty good indication they will be able to chose between Marksmen, Occulus and Instigator patterns, letting them chose the special ability they like.


In addition I think in the finial version of the squad the Helix Adept will be optional at full size rather than required. They potentially will be available to a 5 man squad as well. I’d like to hope that maybe there would be an option for camo-cloaks as it fits the them, but I’m guessing the unit already has too many special rules. It’s also anyone’s guess if the sergeant will get any weapon options.

Suppressor Options

I think Suppressors will follow the two weapon pattern of Primaris options. As for what the option weapon option would be, I’m hoping its something like a Lascannon. Primaris really could use extra anti-tank units and the Suppressors seem to be a heavy weapon unit. Model wise it would be very easy to swap out the autocannon with a lascannon, mostly just changing the barrel and ammo-feed belt. Even better than a Lascannon would be a Las-talon which we know the Primaris use because the Replusor has one.

On the other hand Lascnnons don’t really fit with the Suppressing fire rule which invokes a hail of fire. If not a Lascannon though I’m not sure what they would get, a heavy bolter or assault cannon type weapon would be far too close to Inceptors with Assault Bolters. Maybe a 12″ flamer weapon? That would let them really gain something from being able to deep strike and move 12″ and suppressing fire would fit with that.

Wait, Lascannon or Autocannon options? What does that sound like…


I also do think the unit will not stay at 3 models. I think they will either be 3-6 like Inceptors or go up to 5-10. Reivers after all came as a 3 model unit in their first box, so it would not unprecedented. Outside of a weapon swap I don’t really see any other options for these guys.

Eliminator Options

Eliminator’s are kind of a weird one since their gun already comes with 3 firing modes. It’s possible they won’t have any other weapon options due to this. However I do think they will get another weapon option in the end, just one that’s very different for the sniper rifle. Since they are a heavy support choice I would guess it going to be a heavy weapon. I think a good possibility could be for them to get missile launchers (or Cawl’s version of one). Model wise shoulder mounted missile launchers would work great on the kneeling Eliminators. Thematically it would fit the theme of them being the new version of Sniper Scouts, since they can also take missile launchers. This would also give Primaris a good long range heavy weapon option.

Another great, but far fetched, idea would be for them to get some sort of heavy mortar. A three model squad is person for a mortar team, two to fire one to command/aim. It would also really fit well with the infiltrator/special forces theme as mortars are common heavy weapons for guerrilla forces. You could also possibly give it rules for some kind of smoke shell which would really fit with the Vanguard theme. I’d LOVE to see something like this but I’m not holding by breath.

I also doubt this unit will stay at 3 models max. If they follow the trend of non-gravis units still being 5-10 I could see that happening. However as they are kind of a smaller sniper unit I could also see them staying at either 3-6 or going to just 5 men. I feel like being able to take 30 of them that ignore LOS and can target characters could get craaaaazy. We’ll have to see.

Let us know what weapon options you think we’ll see, down in the comments!


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