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40K: Word Bearers Rules Preview

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Mar 21

First to fall to Chaos, one of the last to get a rules preview, come see what awaits the Word Bearers in Vigilus Ablaze.

Alright friends, there’s a mystery solved. That Dark Apostle image that was floating around yesterday comes from today’s preview article on the Word Bearers.

Which makes sense. After all, the Word Bearers are all about faith–first in the Emperor, then in Chaos. All of which informs their brand spanking new rules. Speaking of, let’s dive on in.

via Warhammer Community

First up, here’s a much closer look at the Dark Apostle and his Dark Disciples.

And the faith of these dark servants is rewarded, as their dark prayers to their dark gods are darkly rewarded with dark abilities dark granted to dark nearby units.




Dark senses of humor aside, these prayer abilities seem pretty spicy.


Omen of Potency will help you tear through whatever you want in melee, while the presence of nearby dark disciples basically guarantees your success. This feels like the kind of character Chaos could really use, helping a surprisingly broad variety of units, almost without fail.


Offering further support are the Daemonkin Ritualists, the new specialist detachment available in Vigilus Ablaze.

They let you fight a little harder with Daemonkin types, and have your possessed or greater possessed really hulk out.

All in all, the new Word Bearers look poised to deliver a bunch of interesting new synergies. There’s a lot of moving parts in play here, especially with the already wide swath of support characters. It all seems designed tobuff up a core unit or two, which is how 8th Edition plays out. Now Chaos might have its own Smash Captain on the field. It’ll be interesting to see what else plays out with Vigilus Ablaze, but for now, enjoy these rules.

What do you think of Chaos’ new zealots? Let us know in the comments. 

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