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40K: Adepticon’s Unbeatable List – Chaos Soup Wins!

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Apr 01

Goatboy here again and we are talking a bit about the winning list from Adepticon 2019.  This list beat a mean Genestealer Cult back into the sewers int he finals to take the crown!

Jim Vesal won the whole thing with his mixed Chaos list full of Daemons, Daemon Princes, and Thousand Sons Spell Casters.  I first met Jim when he came down to the Alamo GT last year with his ridiculously pretty Chaos Marine based army.  Instead of all the Plague bearers he went Alpha Legion cultists before they got nerfed a ton by losing tide of traitors and other fun nonsense.  Still Jim was nice, his army looked rad, and he obviously knows how to play this thing at the top levels of play.

The Unbeatable List

Here is the list for you to look at and I will give a bit of thoughts about how it plays etc.

Chaos Daemons Battalion
Chaos Allegiance: Nurgle
Sloppity Bilepiper
Nurglings X 3
Plaguebearers X 30, Daemonic Icon, Instrument of Chaos
Plaguebearers X 30, Daemonic Icon, Instrument of Chaos

Chaos Daemons Battalion
Chaos Allegiance: Chaos Undivided
Daemon Prince of Chaos, Mark of Khorne, Wings, Daemonic Axe – Relic Skullreaver
Bloodletters X 15, Daemonic Icon (Banner of Blood), Instrument of Chaos
Pink Horrors X 25
Brimstone Horrors X 10

Thousand Sons Supreme Command
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, Wings, Malefic Talons X 2
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, Wings, Malefic Talons X 2, Warlord – High Magister, Relic – Helm of the Third Eye
Sorcerer in Terminator Armor, Inferno Combi-Bolter, Force Sword, Familiar
Helforged Contemptor Dreadnought, C-Beam Cannon X 2

How the List Works

So as you can see this army has a lot of command points, bodies to control a bunch of objectives/terrain, and a decent amount of Smites.  He has an answer to Knights with the Khorne Prince and crazy axe as well plus the random looking Helforged Contemptor can throw out some rough wounds as needed too.  The Beam is very weird in that you can’t move and fire with it – but if you kill a model with it – the unit takes 2d6 more hits.  That can just be insane.  So it is a weird weapon and one of those things that could make or break a game.  Its range is 72″ so you just leave it as far as you can in the back, throw out some beams of death, and maybe win some games.

A most exotic weapon



This army is designed to push forward, cover the table in models, and have some really powerfully deep strikes that can either poor out a ton of close combat attacks like the blood letters or you just have a ton of pink horrors that can throw out a ton of wounds.  This army is all about being the Swiss Army knife with a ton of bodies.  It also helps that Adepticon missions looked at the game as basically a murder field so this army has so few “easy to kill” units beyond the Nurglings and Brims.  But with so many bodies in the way – there is no way to really get those and so you have to wade thru waves of Plaguebearers who are set up to have two chances to roll that 1 on Leadership to bring back extra gross bros.

The Thousand Sons character suite is set up to have multiple options of spell casting, the Terminator can deep strike in and help bring much need powers at areas you need, and you have two +1 casting monsters in the Daemon Prince and Ahriman.  This is the consistent thing you see in the current “goto” Supreme Command from Thousand Sons.  The Contemptor of course is the dark horse but I talked a bit about it and how it can crazily throw out 2 – 2d6 shots on a unit and seriously gutting some large blobs of units like those pesky Orks or other options.  Overall this army looks like a bunch of weird things but each pieced is designed to help each other part – whether it is a massed assault from Bloodletters, surgical strike from Pink Horrors, or just the beat stick that is the Khorne Prince killing something that needs to die.

~Good job Jim and all the other winners who tried to chew through the top 16. What do you think of Jim’s list?

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