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40K: More Races & Factions Have Minis Than You Think

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Apr 10 2019

GW has been slowly putting feelers out into potential future races and armies these past few years. Take a look at what we have models for:

I was posing around the internet and noticed some folks talking about all the races that GW could do one day for 40K. Then as I started to go through them, I kept finding examples of models for them – and in many cases quite recent ones. I think GW is using some of their side games to test out designs that they could bring into the game down the road.


These guys have been getting little sentences here and there in 40K for a bit, but arrived with background and 2 models in Necromunda.


Long gone since Rogue Trader, these guys have just recently gotten new models in the last 6 months. Both in 40K and in Necromunda.


Men of Iron

Hello future galaxy-spanning menace.  Nice to have you with us. I can see a very small model range turning into something sinister if GW wanted to.

Dark Mechanicus

Not one but two kits in the last 6 months – Negavolt Cultists and the Lord Discordant. Hmmm, I don’t believe in coincidences.

Rogue Traders


Yup, nuff said…. And we even have their entourages. These guys used to have an armylist in Rogue Trader (40K 1st edition).

Traitor Guard

I see the writing on the wall…

Kroot Mercenaries

Again, Blackstone Fortress turns out to be a future faction design laboratory. It would take only a couple of kits to combine with the existing T’au Kroot minis to bring back the bird mercs. I want kroot-birds on sprues!

Adeptus Arbites


It’s tough to walk the Imperial Beat, but these guys have two seperate sets of minis for both 40K and Necromunda. They could easily rise again.


These guys pop up in the background every now and then in Tyranid codexes, and I would in no way be surprised to see a new model pop up in a specialist game one of these days. They had models, but it’s been 25 years.

Mentioned But Still Missing

Eldar Exodites

They used to have rules, but never any models…


Multiple mentions over the years, but alas nothing on the time-shifting aliens.



~Did we miss any, and what factions with a model or two do you think GW is just teasing in preparation for an upcoming codex?

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