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40K: The Next Loyal Chapters Who Need Rules

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Apr 3 2019

Vigilus Ablaze has given another set of Chaos chapters battlefield rules. The loyalist marines have some deserving counterparts.

Meet the new Renegade Neighbors

Vigilus2 has really opened up the Chaos Marine side of play. Now you get to choose not only from the Legions in the main CSM codex, but these 6 additional Renegades:

  • Red Corsairs
  • The Purge
  • Brazen Beasts
  • Crimson Slaughter
  • Scourged
  • Flawless Host

Rules at last! We would have never gotten them is we stayed loyal – HAHA!

This is a solid set. Some of these had their own rules in the past (Red Corsairs & Crimson Slaughter), while all 6 have been prominently seen in multiple CSM codexes for several editions. They were the “usual suspects” who just kept showing up in the fluff and finally got rules in 8th.

Ahem… Loyalists

I think the same can be said of the Loyalists. There are some chapters that look to be important members of the background, with distinctive styles of war, that could really use some well-deserved rules.  Looking over the recent 8th Edition books we looked for candidates that possess:

  • Distinctive Ways of War/Culture
  • Venerable for Multiple Editions
  • Have new Primaris Artwork

Not every chapter hits all three of these, but it’s a useful framework to see where GW’s headspace is these days.  I think these chapters below would be fantastic additions to a new Codex Space Marines, as additional options for building armies with their own rules:

Crimson Fists

These guys have White Dwarf rules and are the cover of Rogue Trader. They’ve waited long enough. We’ll see if their new rules stick.


Howling Griffons

It’s Spain in space. One of the most challenging , and beautiful paint schemes around. Plus these guys are all over the background for decades. Let los tropes fly!

Mentor Legion

Around since Rogue Trader, with a funky and distinctive paint scheme. These guys test out all of the Imperium’s new dangerous weapons and equipment! Load these guys up with some funky ad-mech guns.

Necropolis Hawks

Primaris Only – Urban combat specialists. Imagine a chapter with assault bolters, flamers, meltas, demo charges, LOTS of grenades, dirty tricks, cover benefits. Oh Yeah!


Void Tridents

Primaris Only – Spaceborne – naval fighting specialists. Just envision Primaris marines with Boarding Shields and melta charges! NOT ONE STEP BACK BROTHER!


A 13th Founding Chapter with ties to the Ordo Malleus who possess then exorcize recruits with Daemons, so they better know and can face their foe – Chaos. So many ways rules could go with that.

Blood Ravens

The Dawn of War video game chapter with very suspicious links to the Thousand Sons.  Lots of Librarians. This chapter got a lot of new blood into the game. Give em some rules!

~What rules would you give these chapters and did we miss any you think are more deserving?

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