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40K Tough Love: The Ynnari Had it Coming

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Apr 29 2019

The Followers of Ynnead have been brought back to earth – and no one should be shedding any tears for them.

So by now, everyone has gotten to peek at the White Dwarf rules for Ynnari.  They are actually pretty fair.  GW has given them a full detailed listing of how to manage their keywords and integrate their detachments into the other 3 Aeldari codexes (Craftworlds, Drukhari, Harlequins).  They got a full spread of:

  • Warlord Traits
  • Relics
  • Stratagems  – 2 pages worth!
  • New Psychic Discipline
  • New Datasheets for all 3 characters.
  • Updated army Special Abilities

What we are looking here is a solid step towards the eventual standalone Ynnari codex. Many of their absolutely busted rules have been tossed out the window into the rubbish heap and replaced wholesale. The meta-warping Soulburst is now a memory – no longer blighting tabletops across the globe. It takes its place in the Hall of Infamy alongside Nob-bikers, Fish of Fury, Lash of Submission, Eldar Holofields, and dozens of other broken toys in the history of 40K.

Good Riddance

And not a moment too soon. The game has labored under the tyranny of several “UBER-TACTICS” for “GUD GENERALS” since 8th arrived. From hordes of Storm Ravens, to Malefic Lords to Drukhari Beastmasters – most of these were just spamming the most broken units folks could find and making netlists out of them – truly the sign of a genius tactical mind at work!

What was different about Ynnari was the length of time it took GW to identify and beat the stuffing out of them with that nerfbat up there.

These guys have been at top tables across the globe for 18 months now!  All for a “race” consisting of 3 minis that came out with Rise of the Primarch at the very tail end of the last edition.

What’s funny is that the Ynnari are probably overall fair now. You can still make great cross codex Eldar armies with them, and get a ton of new powers, tricks and stratagems to build your army around. They’re in a good spot and have a lot of granular detail they’ve needed since 8th dropped.

But don’t worry – you won’t be seeing  them at any top tables in the future. Now to win with Ynnari, you ACTUALLY have to be a solid general, using good judgement, instead of just getting free phases your opponent couldn’t do anything about. …and we can’t have that at the “top levels” of the game can we?


~ The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

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