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40K: We Need A New Space Marine Codex ASAP

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Apr 2 2019

Games Workshop – it’s time. We need to get a Space Marines 2.0 codex and we need it a lot sooner than later.

Chaos Space Marines have paved the way for their loyalist cousins with the latest book. It’s kind of strange that the devotees of chaos have a more organized structure than the loyalists. If you wanted to play Chocolate Chaos Marines you really just need the single codex and Vigilus Ablaze is the cherry on top. For Vanilla Space Marines…it’s a tad more complicated. Below we have our 5 big reason we need a new codex for the Space Marines – keep in mind, there are a LOT more than these, but these are OUR favorites.

Lots of New Units


Shadowspear introduced a handful of new Space Marine Units, primarily in of the Phobos armored variety. Frankly, we need to get a new codex to help consolidate all those unitsĀ  (and their special rules) into one spot again. That’s part of the problem with so much stuff that’s printed all over the place. The Vanguard Marines introduced included:

  • A Captain in Phobos Armor
  • Librarian in Phobos Armor (with a new set of Psychic Powers)
  • Lieutenant in Phobos Armor
  • Suppressors
  • Eliminiators
  • Infiltrators

That’s 6 new units that are all outside of the “standard” codex. That’s unheard of for any other army. And just wait until we get KITS for these 6 units…

All The Points Changes

Chapter Approved introduced some new points. Shadowspear introduced new units. Vigilus Defiant had new points. Okay, that last one was made up, but you had to stop for a second and do a double take because it just MIGHT have points and you weren’t sure. It does have Command Points (ie, stratagems to spend points on). Point is it can be a little confusing to know where to go for your points, and you’ve got a 50-50 shot of being wrong now. It would be nice is GW came in with a new Space Marine book and just laid it all out there.

Beta Bolter Rules


Are we using these things or not? They didn’t get printed in the New Chaos Codex which is what folks assumed would happen. Are we going to see these officially added to the game or are they still just floating out there in beta land? Further more, if they are added to the Space Marine Codex 2.0 (whenever that happens) does that mean that Chaos will ALSO have to carry around the Space Marine codex, too? Because that alone is worth all the irony points in the world.

Primaris Range

Seriously, these guys should just get their own book already. Once Games Workshop pulls the trigger on the Classic Marines and puts them out of their misery, it would make sense to just have Codex: Primaris Space Marines with all the new shiny units in their fancy Primaris Armor. If the rumors are true that more Primaris units are on the way (on top of the 6 introduced from Shadowspear) that’s going to add a LOT more to the Codex Space Marines book. It’s already one of the largest codexes in print, how much more can GW cram in that thing? A new, separate Primaris Codex would solve that problem…It’s the logical continuation of Codex: Space Marines 2.0.

Vigilus Rules…And More

Oh hey let’s not forget about all those new specialist detachments that were introduced in Vigilus Defiant. I sure would like to see those moved over to a new Codex, too. Then again, maybe these “Imperium Nihilus” campaign books are just that – supplemental to their respective codexes. They repeated this with the Chaos codex and Vigilus Ablaze…that’s two so far. One more Imperium Nihilus campaign book and we’ve officially got a pattern!

If GW is looking to move 40k armies over to a 2-book type system (Main codex + campaign book) then I’d still like to see the Space Marines get a new codex just to consolidate everything, update the points, rules, and start from a new spot. Especially with White Dwarf being used as a vehicle to deliver extra rules, too. Crimson Fists basically got a mini-dex and that should get moved to a place where players can actually get them.



Space Marines aren’t the ONLY Codex that needs a 2.0. Let us know which ones you’d like to see get a re-work ASAP!

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