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Arkham Horror TCG: New FAQ Out Now

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Apr 23 2019

Arkham Horror: The Card Game has a new FAQ to help clear-up some of the burning questions investigators have with the new cycle – and beyond!

There is a brand new FAQ you can download and check out for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. For the uninitiated, Arkham Horror: TCG is a Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games that pits teams of 1-4 investigators in a narrative driven scenarios that explore the terrors and mysteries of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. The different narrative arcs are called Mythos Cycles and the game is currently in it’s 4th Mythos Cycle called “The Circle Undone” is going strong.

As the game continues to grow and expand, the new cards add more mechanics and interactions to the game. Sometimes, these mechanics can cause some …interesting interactions. The FAQ is updated to help smooth over some of those issues and typically clarifies the newer mechanics and some of those interactions. One of those new mechanics in the Circle Undone has been the introduction of the Multi-class cards.

These have been a neat introduction in the game but have also cause some confusion based on deck construction limitations. FFG has clarified that entire section in the FAQ.

Aside from those changes and clarifications, FFG has gone over many other rules and cards – some have gotten erratas to help “clean-up” some of the language used so it’s more consistent/easier to understand. One of my favorite clarifications is for the card Track Shoes:


Having just played a campaign with an “Evade Tank” build, Track Shoes was certainly one of my favorite cards – and this makes it even better for action economy and mobility.

New ‘Taboo’ Options

Taboo Card Options have been added to the game. Because Arkham Horror: TCG isn’t a competitive game with a tournament setting, there isn’t a “banned” or “restricted” list of cards. However, if you’re an experienced investigator and are looking for an even higher challenge, there are some new options at your disposal. Inside the FAQ you’ll find “The List of Taboos” which can challenge your deck building skills quite a lot. Many “go-to” cards have been tweaked to make them not as auto-include.

There are 3 types of “Taboo” options. Limited just means they have had their experience points modified. Mutated means they have had something on their text changed. And finally there are Forbidden Cards which cannot be included in your deck. The Forbidden list is blank…for now.

Download the FAQ HERE

If you’d like to also read-up on these changes and get the “Why” behind the reasoning, FFG has an article with a word from Designer Matt Newman on these changes – it’s well worth a read.

See you in the field, Investigators!


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