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Goatboy’s 40K – Khorney Iron Warriors FTW

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Apr 12 2019


The new Faction rules for ITC seems to be very interesting.  Especially for those who love to play specific Chaos Gods. Let’s make a list.

It is this aspect that has me feverishly building different lists to try and lock in a fun “all God” chaos list that I could enjoy.  This week I want to look at trying to shove in a Lord of Skulls into an army.  Because it locks me into a Khorne based Detachment, it sorta keeps me from doing completely insane stuff – but I still think I could make something fun.  At the very least I could enjoy myself pushing the Tonka truck of doom around the table top.

So as I stated earlier, we have to have a Lord of Skulls.  Part of me wants to push the World Eaters Lord of Skulls, but I think we have to go towards Iron Warriors.  We have a Stratagem that lets us get FNP one mortal wounds – which can be very helpful.  Plus if I am going to run some Discordant Lords, I need to make sure I can keep the Soulforged Daddy alive.  Plus it will let the Lord of Skulls get a chance to advance and charge if I need too.  So that will start me with the Supreme Command Detachment as it allows me to get a Lord of Skulls, 3 Discordant Lords, and all under one “roof” to enable me to Soulforge that detachment.

“Iron Within – Blood Without!”

Chaos Space Marine – Supreme Command – Special Detachment -Soulforged Pack – 0CP – 67pl / 1285pts

Legion – Iron Warriors

Discordant Lord [9pl, 160pts] Autocannon, Mark of Khorne – Warlord – Master of the Soulforges – Relic – Mecha Serpants
Discordant Lord [9pl, 160pts] Autocannon, Mark of Khorne
Discordant Lord [9pl, 160pts] Autocannon, Mark of Khorne
Dark Apostle [5pl, 100pts] Benediction of Darkness, Mark of Khorne


Free – Dark Disciples [1pl, 10pts]
Greater Possessed [5pl, 70pts] Mark of Khorne

Lord of Skulls [30pl, 635pts] Daemongore Cannon, Hades Gatling Cannon

Chaos Daemon Battalion – +5CP – 38pl / 715pts

Chaos Allegiance – Khorne

Skullmaster [5pl, 90pts]
Karanak [4pl, 70pts]
Daemon Prince of Chaos [9pl, 180pts] Wings, Mark of Khorne, Daemonic Axe, Chaos Relics – Skullreaver

Bloodletters X 30 [12pl, 235pts] Daemonic Icon, Instrument
Bloodletters X 10 [4pl, 70pts]
Bloodletters X 10 [4pl, 70pts]


Total Points – 2000 – CP – 4 CP – Doing the Banner and Deepstrike the big blood letter squad.

CSM Tactics

This list is pretty simple, and most likely you will burn through your Command points pretty fast.  The point is to get to turn 3 – hopefully, your Lord of Skulls is still alive, and you can start chopping your way to victory.  The Dark Apostle allows you to keep the guy a bit more alive with a -1 to hit.  Karanak gives you 2 deny the witch attempts and the Daemon Prince also throws in reroll 1’s as everything is pretty much a Daemon of Khorne.  The Discordant Lords help you bully opponents as you try to get close, get chopping, and bring some skulls home for the Blood God.

Currently, I am looking at Slaanesh builds, but I always try to find ways to throw in a Lord of Skulls.  I think there is a decent Tzeentch army as well – but Slaanesh gives you so much right now plus whatever the new models will dish out.  Here is hoping we have a creepy couple of weeks coming as we question the hedonistic sounds of Slaanesh.

~Tell me what you think of the list?

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