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D&D Live Event Starts Today – The Descent Full Schedule Revealed

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May 17 2019

This Friday kicks off the big D&D Live (and live streamed) Event–and the whole thing opens with a live episode of Relics and Rarities with a special guest star.

WotC has released the full schedule for The Descent, D&D’s next big live event, including a few guest star announcements that are sure to excite attendees. If you’re not there in person, you can watch the whole thing live via Twitch, which you’ll want to do if you’re interested in the next big adventure. Likely as not, the whole adventure will be Planar Focused, what with recent attention on figures like the Lady of Pain or the Dark Eight (a coven of pit fiend generals who once led the armies of the Nine Hells before Zariel, a fallen angel, took over). This is especially exciting for those hoping to hear some clue of the “as-yet-unannounced new setting” due out later this year as well.

The Descent features streamers, podcasters, and celebrities of all stripes coming together to play D&D and celebrate the community. And leading the whole event is a special live episode of Relics & Rarities, the combination curio shop and D&D mystery show, DM’d be Deborah Ann Woll (of Daredevil fame). Over its inaugural season, Relics & Rarities has featured guests like Kevin Smith and Charlie Cox, and kicking off D&D Live 2019 you’ll find special guests Janina Gavankar (True Blood) and Matthew Lilard (Without A Paddle) helping out the regular crew.

You can find the full schedule below, or learn more about the special guests right here.

via Wizards of the Coast

Friday, May 17, 2:00 PM PT

D&D Live: The Descent: Relics and Rarities

Friday, May 17, 4:00 PM PT

D&D Live: The Descent: Opening Ceremonies


Friday, May 17, 6:00 PM PT

D&D Live: The Descent: Game Session 1

Friday, May 17, 8:15 PM PT

D&D Live: The Descent: Game Session 2

Saturday, May 18, 5:00 PM PT

D&D Live: The Descent: Game Session 3


Saturday, May 18, 7:15 PM PT

D&D Live: The Descent: Game Session 4

Sunday, May 19, 5:00 PM PT

D&D Live: The Descent: Concert

Your 3-day badge earns you access to the following D&D experiences:

  • Find Out the Next D&D Storyline!
    Witness the live unveiling of the new D&D storyline from the studio audience on Friday, May 17 at 4pm PT. Host Anna Prosser will lead a discussion with members of the D&D Team on what’s exciting about the new adventure.
  • Jump Into Playing the New Story!
    Play a 3-hour session of a D&D Adventurers League Epic previewing elements from the new storyline on Saturday or Sunday. Anyone can play in the D&D Epic! No experience with D&D or Adventurers League is necessary. Bring a Tier 1 or Tier 2 AL character, or grab one of the pre-made 1st level characters to jump into the adventure with 25 tables of players all experiencing one Epic story!
  • Get D&D Exclusive Merchandise!
    Grab a D&D swag bag including merch from D&D partners and an advance copy of Ghosts of Saltmarsh. The swag bag will include items you can only get from the D&D team, as well as items made exclusively for D&D Live attendees from partners like Beadle & Grimm’s and UltraPro.
  • Watch D&D Entertainment Every Night!
    Join the studio audience watching Dungeons & Dragons played live by D&D’s biggest celebrities on Friday and Saturday nights. The story will be told in two parts and will feature Dungeon Masters such as Jeremy Crawford, Kate Welch, and Chris Perkins from the D&D team.
  • Meet Your D&D Heroines & Heroes!
    Mingle with D&D partners and costumed characters in the adventure-themed marketplace—and discover the original storyline interspersed throughout. The cosplay story experience is brought to you by Sunweaver Studios and will feature maps for the event peppered with improvised dialogue from professional performers.
  • Celebrate the D&D Community with Music!
    Close out the event on Sunday night with a live music performance celebrating D&D, featuring artists assembled by Chris Funk including Cardioid and Magic Sword.

Happy Adventuring!

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