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GW: ‘Contrast’ Is Best In Life

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May 6 2019

Games Workshop is back with another amazing movie-parody for their mysterious new ‘Contrast’ product. Three Words: Duncan The Barbarian.

And here I thought GW couldn’t top that Matrix Parody video. I was so very wrong.

via Warhammer TV

No more lamentations – it’s time to crush your painting backlog.

Conan The Barbarian is one of my favorites and this one hit pretty close to home. Well done GW! At this point, I really just want to see more of your parodies and I’m less concerned about what this mysterious new Contrast product is.

Through The Looking Glass

In case you missed the first two hints/parodies, here they are in order for you. Up first was a nod to Fifty Shades of Grey dubbed Fifty Shelves of Grey:

And then GW tackled the above mentioned Matrix parody with a short called Free Your Models:


I think Games Workshop was maybe inspired by the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. But I guess this would be called the ‘Contrast Trilogy’ by the time this all shakes out. Then again, I’m hoping for another one of these shorts but I don’t know if we’ll get one in time before the big reveal. Why do I think that? Well the “Riddle of Runefang Steel” is going to be revealed at Warhammer Fest slated for May 11th-12th which is this weekend.

Contrast – Final Guesses

If you’ve got any final guesses on what you think Contrast will end up being, now is the time to let us know. As mentioned in a previous article, GW already dipped their paint-brush in the Airbrush Game and that didn’t go over very smoothly (although I hear good things about their Citadel Air paint line). Besides that, the last really big shake-up on the painting front from GW was the introduction of Shade/Washes like Nuln Oil (or it’s predecessor Badab Black aka Liquid Skill).

But what the heck is “Contrast” anyhow? Not the product, but the technical term from color theory/art/graphics design anyhow? According to Google: “Simply put, contrast is the difference between two colors.” If you’ve ever seen a color wheel, then you’ll notice the highest contrast is between the two opposite colors on the wheel:

Red and Green, for example, have the highest contrast for those two colors (they are opposites). While Green and Blue, or Green and Yellow have a lower contrast between those colors. You get the idea. So what the heck does that have to do with what GW is going to reveal as a new product? Beats me! But if you’re going to Warhammer Fest this weekend, you’ll have the first shot at trying it out at their painting area. Just Keep an eye out for Duncan the Barbarian!



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