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Star War: Legion – Sabine Wren Operative Preview

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May 16 2019

Sabine Wren is joining the tabletop in Star Wars: Legion. Check out the wielder of the Darksaber!

Get ready for a might new Operative joining the ranks of the Rebellion in Star Wars: Legion. Sabine Wren is reporting in and she’s all sorts of fancy new toys to show off.

via Fantasy Flight Games

To Mandalorians, warfare is a way of life. Trained as a warrior from an early age, Sabine Wren enters the battlefields of the Galactic Civil War as one of the Rebellion’s most imposing assets. Not only is she a seasoned soldier who can deal damage up close and from a distance, Wren can also quickly cover large swathes of the battlefield to confront any Imperial agents looking to threaten her comrades.

Sabine Wren clocks in at 125 to start – but she’s got the skills to pay the bills. Talented in both ranged and close-combat, she is a force to be reckoned with – Her custom Mandalorian armor sets her part on the battlefield, too. It keeps her safe and nimble making her one dangerous opponent.

Wren also has access to some pretty cool gear to boot. Those Mandalorians come prepared for a fight.



Her Electro Grappling Line can dish out 2 immobilize and 2 suppression tokens. When you don’t want something to move, she can pin it down and take it out of position.

Her personal Combat Shield is also great for keeping her in the fight as well. And finally, she’s got one weapon that will make even Darth Vader jealous:


That’s right, the Darksaber is here to play. This blade has a long legacy and is quite legendary in it’s own right. Sabine Wren is the current wielder and they say the only way to earn this blade is to defeat the previous wielder in a duel…

In game terms, it grants Dauntless and makes the wielder immune to Pierce attacks in melee. It also adds Impact 1 and Pierce 1 on it’s own. Oh, and it’s a 5 black die attack, too!

Sabine Wren is also a talented leader and capable of acts of bravery and courage. For starters, she’s not afraid of a little pyrotechnical display:

Explosions! Adds some bang to your arsenal with two Thermal Charges that can be detonated when you need them the most. She’s also not afraid to taunt the enemy with a little graffiti on the battlefield:

The graffiti token can inspire friendly units within range 1-2 and it allows them to roll an extra die when they rally.


Wren also has the Legacy of Mandalore to carry with her. It grants her Inspire 1 and improves units around her – plus it nets her either an aim token or a dodge token.

Sabine Wren Operative Expansion $12.95

Born into the proud warrior culture of Mandalore, Sabine Wren carries the history of her people within the very armor she wears into battle. Fueled by this history, she now lends her skills as both a warrior and an artist to the cause of the Rebellion.

Within the Sabine Wren Operative Expansion, you’ll find one finely detailed, easily assembled Sabine Wren miniature wading into battle as well as three command cards that help you unlock her full potential. Alongside these are a unit card fully outlining her abilities, four upgrade cards allowing you to further customize Sabine Wren to fit your battle plans, and all the tokens you need to fully integrate her into your Rebel army.


Sabine Wren is slated to report in to stores in Q2 of this year!


Author: Adam Harrison
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