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40K Apocalypse: Ork Faction Focus

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Jun 19 2019

It’s time to call in the Green Tide once again as the Orks are ready to roll into Apocalypse!

There is nothing that Orks love a good fight and Apocalypse is certainly going to bring the Orks out in droves! Gork and Mork will be watching as The Krumpining happens. Today, we’re taking a closer look at what the Orks will be bringing to the tabletop of Apocalypse – Get ready to WAAAGH!

via Warhammer Community

Call The WAAAGH!

For the Orks, their signature ability is the WAAAGH! This Faction ability allow them to generate extra hits when they roll 6s – for shooting OR melee! Orks are all about volume:

Orky Armory

The Orks enjoy their Dakka – and their weapons reflect that ideology. Below you can see how some of their iconic firepower translates to Apocalypse:

These weapons are mounted on the humble Killa Kan, which comes with a decent BS of 4+.  These little cans of doom are a great unit for Apoc because they are Vehicles and they must be wounded based on the SAT (Strength Against Tanks) stat. As you can see above, most weapons will have a harder time wounding vehicles instead of personnel (SAP stat).  In general, that means your vehicles are getting an increase in durability, which in turn makes light-vehicles that much more enticing.


Just remember that there are some weapons out there that are the inverse of the SAP/SAT dynamic. Who would have thought that Anti-Tank weapons would be good against Tanks and bad against infantry?! It truly is the Apocalypse.

The Shokk Attack Gun is another tool in the Orky Armory that is going to find some use. Not only does it wound both vehicles and personnel on a 6+ (again, that’s on a D12) it also has the Destroyer ability. We now know that the Destroyer ability causes two blast markers on a successful roll to wound instead of just one. The Big Mek that will be rocking the Shokk Attack Gun also has some other cool tricks up his Orky sleeves – like the Big Mekaniak ability:

Repairs are going to be super handy in Apocalypse. On top of that, don’t forget about Aura Abilities that Ork character will bring to the tabletop – stacking them is going to make the Orks a force to be reckoned with!

Stompa Time

What Orky Apocalypse Army would be complete without a Stompa?! Games Workshop has teased the firepower that the Stompa will have access to on the tabletop:


Don’t forget that the Stompa also has a transport capacity of 20 as well – that means you’ll be able to fire down range as you’re moving up to get into melee – and you’re going to want to get your swings in with the dreaded MEGA-CHOPPA!

You do NOT want to get hit with one of these.

Ork Command Assets

It’s not just big guns and green skin the orks are bringing to the fight – they’ve got their own batch of cunnin’ to unleash. Their Command Assets are a key part of their army and we’re getting a look at two of them today.

Armed To Da Teef is specific to the Bad Moons and allows that Detachment to re-roll hit rolls for attacks made with their ranged weapons! As we saw above, Orks want to fish for 6s to hit – so they can generate more Dakka!

Grot’s have many uses. One of them just happens to be Grot Shields. Gretchin units just happen to make EXCELLENT body shields for your other Ork Light units. Too bad for the Gretchin.


That’s all for the Ork Faction Focus – but there will be more all week long! Who’s ready to WAAAGH!!!!!!


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