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40K: Top 5 Favorite Troops

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Jun 3 2019

These troops might not be the “best-in-slot” but they have a special place in our hearts. Here are our favorite Troops!

Troops are an important part of the game–without them you’d have a hard tie controlling objectives, and your opponent’s Knights wouldn’t have anything to shoot at. But across the battlefields of the 41st Millennium there’s nothing like the basic troopers. These are the everyday heroes of their factions, the ones who are told to get in there and get the job done, despite the fact that there are Daemons/Space Marines/Artillery Shells in there. Today we’re showing off our five favorite troops. Be they ever so humble, they make sure you get enough CP so that your real units can get the job done.


As we mentioned, troops have a hard time in life, and nobody has it worse than the Imperial Guard. The average life expectancy of a Militarum Trooper is measured in minutes once they’re deployed to active duty. And if they haven’t been deployed to one of the Galaxies’ many hotzones, they’re being reassigned as part of administratum mixups, dealing with the fact that the Munitorum has deemed their eventual martyrdom cost-effective, and has requisitioned their ammunition, or having to eat K-Rations. They’re as expendable as it gets, and for that, we love them. Also, CP battery!

Ork Boyz

‘Ere we go lads, the Boyz iz back in town. What’s not to love about Orks? These big green buds may not be the best shot, but what they lack in accuracy, they more than make up for with a can-do attitude and a sense of fun. These models have a character all their own, and love it or hate it, it sets the tone for the entire army. Sure the future is grim, dark, and full of only war, but if you’re an Ork, that’s exactly what you want, so you may as well be grinnin’ and gunnin’. You can’t keep a good ork down. If ya win, ya win, and if ya lose, yer ded so it don’t count.

Tyranid Warriors

Tyranid Warriors are the medium bugs that everyone loves. These guys get passed over frequently for more points efficient options or more killy options – but we don’t care! Here at BoLS we love these guys – plus AdamHarry forced us to put this on the list or he’d veto the rest of the choices. They are irritating in numbers with all those wounds and synapse.

Chaos Marines

When it comes to troops, Chaos Marines are about as iconic as it gets. They represent the best and brightest humanity has to offer, corrupted by foul powers beyond mortal comprehension. Warped (literally) by the fell powers that they swear allegiance to, these evil, spikey warriors are a sure signifier that you’re playing 40K. Anyone can have marines in space, but only 40K has the daemonic-aligned Chaos Marines. Around here, we’re team Red Corsairs – go Huron Blackheart!


T’au Firewarriors

These are some of the newest faces in the galaxy, which is saying something considering they came out more than ten years ago. But the Fire Warriors are a great little slice of the T’au. Their relationship to the Greater Good–either in following it or breaking from it, sets them up with all kinds of interesting struggles. Plus they have actual guns for guns, which keeps them one up on their Militarum counterparts. Now if only they could do something about that WS…

These are our five favorite troops–which do you find indispensable on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium? Troops only, but take it away in the comments!

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