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Age of Sigmar: 3 Things to Look Forward To in General’s Handbook 2019

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Jun 12 2019

General’s Handbook 2019 is just around the corner, and with it comes a host of exciting new goodies to use in your games of Age of Sigmar. Here are three big things I’m looking forward to in the new Handbook.

Allegiance Abilities

The most exciting thing in the new General’s Handbook for me is the new Allegiance abilities for some of the existing armies. I have been a big fan of the Ironjawz since I first started looking into Age of Sigmar, and I played the Wanderers in Warhammer Fantasy back when they and the Sylvaneth were the Wood Elves. However, I wasn’t really satisfied with their rules, even the updated versions in the last General’s Handbook. The new GHB promises brand new, updated rules for not only these two factions, but several others as well! I’m very eager to see what new abilities they bring to the table, and how it will change what people include in their armies.

Mercenary Companies

One thing a lot of people miss from old school Fantasy is the Dogs of War faction and all the allied mercenaries you could include in your armies. With the inclusion of Mercenary Companies in the new book, players can get back some of the awesome glory of the old mercs. From Greyfyrd Duardin to a Gargant with a menagerie of monsters, players can expect to face a lot of new and interesting enemies in their Narrative and Matched Play games. And with their own unique abilities, each company will set itself apart from the base army they come from. I can’t wait to see what new strategies these mercenary groups allow players to utilize.

Meeting Engagements

One thing that is a bit of a barrier to entry for Age of Sigmar is the time and money investment. Lots of players are a little discouraged by the need for a large army and some don’t have the time to devote to a full game. Meeting Engagements are the solution to both problems at once, allowing players to bring much smaller forces to bear and play fast, skirmish style games. With Warcry making its way to shelves soon, the era of small games is sure to open up to both new and old players, and Meeting Engagements will be the perfect entry point. I’m excited to try out these smaller point games, maybe even one day before work.

What are you looking forward to most from the new General’s Handbook?

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