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Osprey Games: Interview with Ragnarok Creator Tim Korklewski – Part 2

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Jun 1 2019


Get an insider’s look at Osprey’s Ragnarok: Heavy Metal Combat in the Viking Age. The campaign driven skirmish game is on sale now.

Ragnarok comes to us with great anticipation. It’s got great artwork, a cool theme and some really interesting ideas. Some of you may already have this book while others are deciding if it is worth buying. Osprey Games was kind enough to send me a preview copy of the book a while ago. Today’s post is my second preview for the game. In my first preview, I discussed Warbands and God Powers. In this post, I conducted an email interview with the game’s creator, Tim Korklewski. If you want to read part one of the interview article, here is a link back.

Now, let’s carry on with that interview…

Please note that this post first appeared on Must Contain Minis.

More about Ragnarok…

You Can Use Whatever Miniatures You Want

Jacob: One of the things that I love about many of Osprey Games’ books is that they are miniatures agnostic. Ragnarok is the same way. Why did you decide to make it agnostic? Secondly, if you could take any force you wanted in the game, which miniatures collection would you be bringing to the battle?

Tim:  I have really liked the idea of a miniatures agnostic game for a long time.  If you are like me and have played lots of various miniatures games throughout the years, you have built up a pretty large miniatures collection that you would like to dust off and use again.  In addition, there are so many great sculptors out there making miniatures that I would much rather give them the glory on that side of things. I am a firm believer that a rising tide floats all boats and if there are companies out there making amazing miniatures that would work with any of my games I will be there to point people in their direction and give them the proper credit.

To the second part of your question, David Soderquist at Bronze Age Miniatures does amazing work and he is primarily featured in the book.  You will also find me fielding Footsore Miniatures Vikings, Bad Squiddo Vikings, and LOTS of Reaper miniatures for the various monsters.


What about Base Size?

Jacob: Although the game is miniature agnostic, I see that you decided to assign base sizes to the miniatures. For my readers that haven’t seen the book yet, common figures will be on 30mm bases while some of the creatures and monsters are set for 40mm, 50mm and 120mm bases. Will the game still work if people have the models based on different sized bases (i.e. 25mm rounds for common soldiers)?

Tim:  Don’t forget the 80mm bases as well!  As far as basing, I have mentioned this a few times on our Facebook Group Ragnarok Worldwide.  All measurements in the game are from closest point of the base to closes point of the base so there is wiggle room there.  For your typical “human-sized” miniatures on 30mm bases, you can easily wiggle from the 25mm all the way to the new GW 32mm as necessary.  That rule applies to the other base sizes as well as long as you are still close to the original base size listed and the base is circular.

More on the Story

Jacob: Back to the story of the game, the players are running war bands looking to tap into the powers of the dead gods. Can you talk about God Powers and Godspark in Ragnarok.

Tim:  Sure.  So when the Aesir died, their mortal bodies literally exploded.  Upon their deaths, their essence, or Godspark, scattered to the remaining realms.  Your War Clan has learned how to absorb the Godspark and use the energy to power the various God Powers they discover of the dead Aesir.  There are thirty God Powers in the Core rulebook to use and each one has unique ways of changing up the tide of war. On a mechanical level, Godspark is generated by doing awesome stuff during the game.  The better you roll, the more Godspark you generate. Each God Power has a Godspark Cost associated with it. Simply spend the Godspark from your generated pool and you can use the God Power.

Jacob: That is it for this time, please join us again for part three of this article.

Again, this is from Must Contain Minis. You can view a full version of this article (all three parts) over on that site. 


Thanks for reading and until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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