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Warhammer: New Army Painting Concepts From Citadel Colour

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Jun 6 2019

Citadel Colour has some great new tips on how paint Concept armies – come see these high concept painting schemes!

GW new Citadel Colour site has been putting out loads of different things you can do with their paints. From making an army that looks like a bunch of living statues, to lava spirits given form, and even an army painted to look like it’s g-g-g-ghosts; there’s no end to the cool things that you can pull off with their paints. Whether drybrushing in stages, or applying glazes creatively, there’s a ton of stuff you can find on GW’s Citadel Colour site. Here’s a look at four different army concepts.

First up, we have a look at making an army of lava spirits given form. They use a flesh hound in the demo, but you could just as easily see this sort of scheme applied to some Fyreslayers, or at the very least use it to get their magmic buddies ready to go.

Then there’s the Living Statue army, which is a fantastic way to print up your Storm Cast Eternals. I love the detail around the eyes especially–something about it really makes we want to paint some up.

Or you might try out the Monochrome armies as an alternate scheme to reflect Nagash’s withering influence on everything. Have the color (and the life) literally drained out of your models.


Finally, here’s a guide to painting up a ghastly green ghost army that will have your favorite models looking like a spectre of their former selves. Great to have if you are looking to paint up some of the Legion of the Damned or perhaps to represent the spiritual presence of your Loyal 32. Whatever the case, you can find all these videos and more at the Citadel Colour Website.

Happy Painting!

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