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Board Games Retro: ‘Feeley Meeley’ is Totally Not About “Hanky Panky”

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Jul 24 2019

I sat in total confusion for about half an hour trying to come up with a good title for this article – and then…

“How about a game where you reach into a box and just feel around?”
“Is that a sex thing?”
“What? No. Of course not.”

That’s a conversation that real, living people spoke with total sincerity… probably. We’ve covered some real, weird, games in this board games retro corner of BoLS, but this one might go above and beyond the rest.

Feeley Meeley: It’s not a sex thing!™

In Feeley Meeley (a title I’m scared to look up the origin for), players reach into a box and just feel around. But don’t worry, this isn’t just some glorified hole where who knows what’s on the other side. Feeley Meeley comes with a number of objects to put into the box.

Each turn, a player draws an card and then each player reaches into the mystery box and tries to find the object on the card.

Just in case you think Feeley Meeley has any sense of rhyme or reason, don’t worry, we’ll get rid of that right now. You may have incorrectly assumed, based on the above line, that players take turns hunting for the desired object. Nope! It’s a free for all! Players all reach into the box and feel around at the same time, trying to be the first to find the item in question.

It’s definitely not a sex thing!


Once all the objects have been correctly found, the game ends and which ever player found the most wins! Sounds easy…. TOO easy…

Worry not, hapless feeler, for the game recommends a few ways to mix it up!

See?! Fun for children’s parties! Definitely not a sex thing! That’s what I’ve been saying this whole ti….


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