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Warhammer 40K: Dark Angels Primaris Units We Want To See

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Sep 04

The Dark Angels have gotten some new blood with an infusion of Primaris – and we hope that means some brand new models!

The White Dwarf “update” from yesterday was enlightening. It was less about the rules additions and more about some of the big changes coming to the Dark Angels Chapter. Now, if you didn’t read all the lore bits, that’s okay – here are three sections you should probably check out:

Primaris Marine Captain Lazarus of the 5th Company, Inner Circle Member

Primaris Battle-brother Nerael of the Ravenwing

Primaris Battle-brother Apharan of the Deathwing

The Primaris have folded themselves into the Dark Angels in a big way. They have joined the ranks of the Inner Circle, The Deathwatch and the Ravenwing. That means it’s only a matter of time before we see Primaris models in those roles, right? Well here are a few we’d like to see!


Deathwing Gravis Armor

We already know that the Dark Angels have Aggressors. We already know that a Primaris Marine is a member of the Deathwatch. What we don’t know is why GW hasn’t released a “close combat” version of Gravis Armor as a Terminator-esque sidegrade option! It seems like a Primaris Deathwatch member would be a logical way to introduce that. If nothing else, you could take the Agressor armor and paint it bone-white…but we’d really like to see the Deathwatch get something special – maybe a Plasma-wielding version an Aggressor? Kind of like Inceptors but without the jump pack and more guns.

Ravenwing Jet Bikers

The Ravenwing were one of the last Space Marines to actually have access to a Jet Bike. And then the Adeptus Custodes showed up.

Obviously the technology for Jet Bikes has returned, probably thanks to Cawl. As the last first founding chapter with Jet Bikes, wouldn’t it make sense for Cawl to “trust” the Dark Angels with the Jet Bike technology? They’ve maintained their last one for how long?! And who better to pilot them than the Primaris Marines? Finally Sammael will have some Ravenwing buddies that can keep-up, Jet Bike Style.

Primaris Ravenwing Bikers

Jet Bikes a bridge too far? Well how about some Primaris Bikers! Hey, if the White Scars didn’t get them, the Ravenwing are our last, best hope for re-imagined bikes ridden by Primaris Marines.


Primaris Captain Lazarus

The Primaris have about 40,000 Primaris Lieutenant models but only 3 Captain models, one of which is in Gravis Armor and not for sale solo. Isn’t it about time that GW makes another Primaris Captain pose? “What’s that Xenos players? You’re crying about not getting any new stuff? Well I can’t hear you over the sound of more Primaris on the way.” I say as I go into a corner and cry silently about not getting a Tyranid Lord of War option for the hundredth time.

Anyhow, I’m mentioning Primaris Captain Lazarus here because not only is he a Primaris Captain, he’s also a part of the Dark Angels Inner Circle. And while he’s a former Space Marine that crossed the Rubicon Primaris he’s basically the same guy but with more organs. So ya, it’s not like a brand new Primaris Marine was accepted outright – but at the same time, it could pose some excellent modeling opportunities for a new Primaris Captain.

Ravenwing Primaris Flyer

So does anyone else remember that the Ravenwing got their one special flyer option? Well, it’s still in their codex. It was kind of like a Storm Talon, but with bigger wings. The point is that the Dark Angels have a history of having their own flyers. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the Primaris get a little air support in the form of a new Primaris Flyer? And hey, if takes off like the Nephilim Jetfighter did, then hey, it can stay a Ravenwing exclusive. Otherwise, it could eventually make its way into other chapters kind of like the Stormraven did.


So what do you think? Are the Dark Angels a good candidate for getting some new Primaris units whenever GW gets around to updating their codex? It’s in the lore already…

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