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40K: The Unbeatable List – SoCal 2019 Edition

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Oct 28

One list fought its way to the top of the winner’s circle this weekend. Take a look at what stand’s atop the Grimdark’s meta.

The SoCal Open 2019 has come and gone, and with it the end of the Imperial Knights era – which have been swept almost entirely away by Space Marines. Still the winning list wasn’t Imperial warmachines or super soldiers – but instead fought for The Greater Good. Here is the winning list by SoCal Open 2019 champion Brian Pullen.


Another big event and an army that can shoot you off the table wins. Just like the pre nerfed Iron Hands – the Tau army is very resilient, pours out a ton of damage, and is really good at killing 3+ armor. It also has decent movement and everything works together to create the perfect combo of bullets, robots, and their defensive flying-roomba friends that gladly will take a laser cannon to the face for the team.

This edition is all about offensive capabilities and the Tau can do it. It isn’t easy to play as you have to make sure everything works together while you ensure proper target priority. 

I think if we see more Raven Guard and White Scars armies start to bubble up we will see Tau lists not do as well over time. Multiple Marine options to remove overwatch and massive assault damage capabilities will make lists like this one not as guaranteed to wreck the competition.

~ Give it up for Brian for a great performance! What do you think of the list, and where the game’s meta is right now?



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