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Age of Sigmar: Ogor Mawtribe Faction Focus

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Oct 23 2019

The Gutbusters and Beastclaw Raiders are back in one brand new Battletome – Check out more info from the Ogor Mawtribes!

We got a look earlier at The Ossiarch Bonereapers, the undead 1/2 of the upcoming Feast of Bones box. Today, we’re getting a look at more of the new rules from the Ogor Mawtribes. Their hunger knows no bounds – if they can cook it, they can eat it! And soon your army might be on the menu.

via Warhammer Community

“The Gutbusters roam and pillage, dominating and consuming all in their path, whilst the Beastclaw Raiders hail from the frozen wastes and raise¬†hardy beasts¬†for food, bearing burdens and making war. When the two cultures bring their formidable skills together, they harness incredible destructive potential.”

The Ogor Mawtribes are typically outnumbered because they are a low model count. But don’t let that stop you because each model is tough and hardy. Plus, thanks to their massive bodies, they are ripe for conversions and unique paint schemes. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with tattoos, skin tones, or go crazy on weathered materials, you can do just that with the Ogors.

Mawtribes – The Rules

Now, in the past the low model counts of Ogors did hurt the army when it came to objectives which are a huge part of the AoS battleplans. Thankfully, their basic trooper just got a nice boost:


Might Makes Right allows those big Ogors to count twice for determining model count and Ogor Monsters count as 10 models! That’s a HUGE deal for these guys and will surely help them take and hold objectives. That’s not the only boost they got either. Ravenous Brutes boosts their movement and if they are in combat, it switches to boost their bravery.

Who knew Ogors could be so versatile! Furthermore, the Ogors have ways to restore wounds to units as well. With a couple of well placed Butchers, Slaughtermasters, or Huskards on Thundertusks, the Ogors will be able to stay in the fight. And if you really want to dig in, the Great Mawpot has some boosts for you as well:

That’s kind of amazing. The Great Mawpot is going to benefit the smaller unit sizes of Ogors and encourages players to have a lot of smaller units anyhow to get more of a boost from the Battlebroth.

Let’s say for a moment that you still would like to have some massed infantry or “speed bumps” to slow down the enemy. What is an Ogor player to do? Don’t forget about Gnoblars! They help offset the cost (pointswise) for your army and make for cheap, disposable elements vs the more Elite Ogor units. Plus, they have access to the Scraplauncher:


This uh…”weapon system” has some potential to actually mess-up larger blocks of models and help soften them up for the final fight. 3 shots that hit on 2s and do D6 damage on units with 10 or more models is no joke!

On the opposite end of the Gnoblars, the Ogors also have access to some of the toughest and most elite cavalry units in the game with the Beastclaw Raider elements of the army. Faster than you might expect for such large creatures, they hit hard and can drop a ton of mortal wounds on their unfortunate targets.

If that’s not impressive/scary enough for you, the Beastclaw Raiders still have the deadly Stonehorn Beastriders to deal with. These beasts are legendarily tough to kill and thanks to their new rules, they can seriously dish out the damage. With lots of attacks of various damage, Stonehorns have the potential to deal 42 wounds in a single round of melee – and if they charged their Rock-hard Horns and Crushing Hooves get 1 additional damage pushing that up to a whopping 54 damage!

If you’re looking to get started with Ogors, Feast of Bone is heading to Pre-order this weekend. I’d also recommend picking-up a Stonehorn and some Mournfang via the Start Collecting! Beastclaw Raiders box. It’s a good deal and I’m pretty sure you’re going to find a use for a Stonehorn/Thundertusk in your Ogors army.


The Great Maw Hungers…


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