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Warhammer 40K: Impulsor & Infiltrators Unboxed

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Oct 19 2019

A new Transport and a combo kit of new units? The Primaris are getting all the cool toys.

These guys aren’t the face of Warhammer 40k for nothing! Space Marines are getting a couple of new kits that we’ve been expecting for awhile – and they have been worth the wait:

Impulsor To The Rescue

The Repulsor is here to carry your Primaris into battle…on the cheap anyhow. It’s got a decent amount of firepower and some weird options (which we’ve covered already). One of my favorites is the shield dome for that sweet 4+ invulnerable save:

What really blew my mind is the fact that the back of the kit is open – same for the top! That was a design choice I was not expecting:

It’s also about 2/3 to 3/4 the size of the Repulsor. That smaller footprint is interesting but it mostly means that your Primaris should be able to get around easier. Overall, I think this is a neat kit and it’s different enough from the Repulsor that it’s visually distinguishable. I’m very curious to see how the community reacts to this when it starts popping up on tabletops.


Infiltrators Ahoy!

The new Infiltrators are some doo-dad-ified dudes! They have a ton of details all over their models. Unlike Chaos where it’s all extra spikes and skulls, they go for the techno-babble look. It’s all antenni and pouches for these guys. Joking aside, they are neat models and I think hobbyists are going to enjoy the challenge of painting these up. They are essentially the Reivers, but a troop choice with different arm options.

Incursors are the OTHER option that we saw in the codex and are finally getting models for as well. These versions have access to the crazy Haywire mine and a few other tricks as well.

Much like the Infiltrators, these guys have a lot of extra techno-doohickies on their models that make for visually interesting (if not overwhelming) options. Their Bolters in particular seem like they could tag a target in space.

If you’re looking to add some sneaky marines to your list – or if you want a lighter, faster transport option for the Primaris – both of these kits are going to be available for pre-order this weekend!



Impulsors – your new Primaris Character Transports await!

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