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BREAKING: X-Wing Release Schedule Latest

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Nov 6 2019

There is a list of X-Wing Releases that are making the rounds in X-Wing Community – check out what is coming soon and beyond!

Fantasy Flight Games has started a new community outreach effort and has been in direct communication with the X-Wing TMG and X-Wing Minis 2.0 Discord team. They have some exciting new info they wanted to share with everyone and get the word out around the web. Here’s a quick message from DoctorHam on the XWingTMG reddit:

via TheDoctorHam (reddit)

It’s important to note that these are not final and may change for a variety of reasons, but the dates we’ve been given are:

– Huge Ship Conversion Kit, Tantive IV, Epic Battles – November 8, 2019

– C-ROC – November 15, 2019

– Imperial Raider, X-Wing Damage Decks – December 2019

– Saw’s Renegades, TIE Reaper, Hound’s Tooth, Interceptor, Defender, RZ-1 A-Wing – December 2019 (note that these are currently scheduled for a separate release from Vonreg’s TIE and the Fireball)

– Never Tell Me the Odds, Fully Loaded – January 2020


– Vonreg’s TIE, Fireball, Hotshots and Aces – February 2020

Many of these products were confirmed during the X-Wing In Flight show. But now we have some more generalized release dates. Perhaps more importantly, it’s great to hear the FFG is reaching out to members of the X-Wing community directly to help steer the direction of X-Wing in the future.

As noted in the info above, it does look like the Fireball and Major Vonreg’s TIE may have been pushed back from the intial Q4 announcement. But it does sound like some of the other items have been slid around to accomidate these changes.



Again, these dates are tenative and are subject to changes but now we have some more up-to-date info besides “Q4 2019” and folks can plan accordingly. We’ve also been informed that FFG is looking be a lot more active with direct lines of communication with the community. If you’re interested in joining those conversation, check out the X-Wing Minis 2.0 and XWing TMG discord pages.



X-Wing Aces – Are you excited about more direct communication from FFG? What types of info are you more looking forward to hearing about?



Author: Adam Harrison
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