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Goatboy Does Age of Sigmar: Revenge of the Ogors

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Nov 15 2019

Goatboy here again with my first initial list for Age of Sigmar!  Let’s talk Ogor Mawtribes, and one SMASHING army.

Wait WHAT!?! Goatboy playing Age of Sigmar!!! I have a lot of buddies who play and love it.  They have been pushing me for awhile and I have had a few games with the rules and enjoyed the butt whumping that came to me.  In fact that is the most interesting aspect of the game where in a lot of ways Math matters.

You can see this in the fact the majority of the game does not live and breathe on the endless reroll action we have in 40k.  Dice get thrown, bad luck or good luck matters, and stuff dies like crazy.  This is huge as we all know those games where we can’t win even through full rerolls in 40k.  The shocking reduction in numbers of dice is also very helpful just from the standpoint of figuring out true averages and actually calculating skill level in some aspects.  I know the double turn mechanic can turn people off – but that loss of control and knowing how to roll with it is important so it brings another level of skill to the game.  Also – building armies is much more of a breeze then when you have to try and throw something together in 40k. SO MUCH EASIER!

But here is my initial big smelly winter monster list for Ogors.  I won’t lie – the idea of playing big monsters makes me happy so that is why I built this list.  I could do a few different things if I wanted to by combining info a big Mournfang unit – but figure two groups of 4 would be powerful.  Also this army is fairly cheap to build.  I will break down the price for those interested as it is a great starter army mixed with big fat monsters to really go wild with painting.

First – going with Beastclaw Raiders.  This gives me the Battleline Role for somethings so the army becomes legal.  Battleline is like the Troops options.  I am also taking a Warscroll Battalion.  These are like the old Detachments from 7th edition but they have a Point cost beyond just the units within it. It also lets me deploy the entire Battalion as a one drop and gives me some extra stuf as well.

Ogor Army – Beastclaw Raiders/Boulderhead Mawtribe

Jorlbad Warscroll Battalion – 120pts
Huskard on Stonehorn – Blood Vulture, Command Trait – Lord of the Beasts, Artefact – Brand of the Svard, Mount Trait – Old Granitetooth – 320pts
Mournfang Pack X 4 – Horn Blower X 1, Banner Bearer X 1, Prey Hacker/Ironfist x 4 – 280pts
Mournfang Pack X 4 – Horn Blower X 1, Banner Bearer X 1, Prey Hacker/Ironfist x 4 – 280pts
Stonehorn Beastriders – Blood Vulture – 300pts
Stonehorn Beastriders – Blood Vulture – 300pts

Huskard on Thundertusk – Blood Vulture, Mount Trait – Gvarnak, Relic – Alvagr Rune-Tokens -340pts


Mawpot – 0pts

Total – 1940pts

Hungry Hungry Ogors

Let me tell you – not having to pay points for extra Wargear makes building armies so much easier.  If I did anything wrong or missed something I should have – comment away.  This is my initial thought built and most likely the easiest to get together.  Heck they made a get started box perfect for this type of Army.  Let’s break down the actual costs on this for those interested.

  • 2 Boxes of Beastclaw Raiders get started – $180.00 (90 ea) US
  • 2 Stonehorn/Thunder Tusk boxes – $120.00 (60 ea) US
  • 1 Mawpot – $40.00

Total – $340.00 without any discounts.  Normally you can find stuff at 15% off – $289.00 bucks.

That is not crazy for a full fledged 2000 pt army!

I Have Questions

Questions I have for AOS players – did I build this right?  Would it be any good?  Should I just put the Mournfangs into one big fat unit and come at you?  Is it worth it to get the regular Huskard to get some prayers?  I plan on using the Blood Vultures are targeted Mortal Wound nonsense and then hit the Huskard Prayer to do some more target mortal wounds?  Is that any good?  I should be able to get one extra Relic as well with how this is set up.  The plan is to use all the bonus movement options to try and get things as close as I can if needed.  Either pushing for second Turn round 1 and then a soul crushing double turn?  Is that even smart?

Goatboy’s Christmas dreams…


Of course Slaves to Darkness is coming out next so my evil Chaos thoughts are burning through my head from those rad looking models.  Either way this army looks small enough, fast enough, and big monster enough to keep the Goatboy happy.

~ I’d love to hear from all you AoS players out there – I’m super excited to try out playing in the Mortal Realms!

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