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Infinity Defiance Kickstarter Fully Funded & Breaking Stretch Goals

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Nov 6 2019

Corvus Belli has a new way to play in the Infinity Universe – the Dungeon Crawling Infinity Defiance! It’s out on Kickstarter and is going strong.

With 13 days left to go on their Kickstarter, Infinity Defiance is already smashed it’s initial goal and is mowing down the stretch goals one after the other. You’ve still got time to get in on the action of the Dungeon Crawling adventure set in the Infinity Universe.

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 Infinity Defiance is a dungeon crawler board game with high-quality metal miniatures that are fully compatible with the Infinity Tabletop Skirmish Game. This new co-op game from Corvus Belli involves a deeply immersive narrative component in which you are the protagonist.

We got a look at the game at Gencon and we were also sent a prototype version with miniatures and various components:

All the miniatures were metal and highly detailed – as you would expect from Corvus Belli! In the Prototype we received, the miniatures also came pre-primed. The artwork and style is excellent and fits perfectly in the sci-fi universe of Infinity.


If you’re curious about the game or how it plays, you can read all the rules online from their PDF. The core of this co-op game is that players will be controlling unique heroes as they attempt to thwart the plans of the Evolved Intelligence. This elite commando team is made up of various characters from 4 of the different factions who have joined up to preemptively stop an invasion. They must destroy a new wormhole that is being constructed by the EI – failure to do so would enable the EI to launch a full-scale attack.

Gameplay wise, the missions take place over the course of several rounds. The rounds are divided into 3 phases: Start Phase, Activations Phase, and End Phase. Now, we won’t go over all these phases in depth – but during the turn players will fight their way through different sections of the modular board in an attempt to complete their objectives. After the missions, you’ll gain access to new skills and equipment which you can use to further enhance your operatives.

Combat is closer to the D6 combat of Aristeia! than it is to the D20 system of Infinity. Basically, the attack and defender both roll a pool of dice and compare the results. Both can spend symbols to activate switches which also have additional effects on the combat results. These Combat Rolls can also be modified by Equipment cards, Specialty cards, Skills and other effects.

The players will be fighting against the forces of the EI which are controlled by an AI card deck. The will follow an initiative system along with these AI cards that determine the behavior for the units. Again, if you’d like to study up on this one you can check all the rules out online.


Our initial impressions for the game were really positive. If you’ve ever wanted to play a Dungeon Crawler set in the Infinity Universe, Defiance is for you. If you jump into the Kickstarter now, they have a TON of stuff already unlocked. It’s venerable WALL of miniatures on the page. Just be sure you pledge at the correct level you want to ensure you get all the swag that has been unlocked.

Infinity Defiance Kickstarter Page

13 days to go – plenty of time to get in on this action!

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