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Necromunda: Unmasking the Subjugators – A Closer Look

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Nov 6 2019

Games Workshop is showcasing the new Subjugators that are part of the Enforcer “Gang” for Necromunda. Check out these new models and their rules!

Yesterday we got a look at the new Corpse Grinder Cultists – a brutal new “Gang” coming to stalk the Underhive. Today, we’re looking at the folks who are attempting to restore some order to the mean streets. The Enforcers just got some reinforcements with the new Subjugators!

via Warhammer Community

Enforcers of Necromunda! Are you finding that your daily duty just doesn’t fill you with the same joy anymore? Looking for new ways to crack heads and lay down Pax Helmawr? Then it’s time to join the Subjugators.

The Subjugators are basically “Riot Gear” equipped Enforcers – they have some different wargear options that allow them to function differently than the standard issue Enforcers.

For starters, they come with Layered Flak Armor. It provides more protection than the standard issue Flak Armor – specifically against Blast markers or Flame Template weapons.

Their shield aren’t just for protection either. The Vigilance Pattern Assault Shield provides the Subjugators with another melee weapon as well. Smash your target with your Shock Baton and/or Vigilance Pattern Assault Shield:


Subjugators also have access to some long range “Riot Suppression” equipment with the Subjugation Pattern Grenade Launcher:

These Grenade Launchers are loaded with both Stun and Frag Grenades. Stun them if you’re looking to put down a target so you can “arrest” them for later. Or if you see a pack of lawbreakers that need to stop moving, unload the Frag on them! And don’t worry about collateral damage…it’s not like there are any innocents in the Underhive anyway.

The final piece of Wargear the Subjugators are bringing with them is the brutal new SLHG pattern assault ram “Sledge Hammer”. This is a vital piece of equipment that is used for busting down doors, caving in chests, and also packs an underslung grenade launcher…you know, for dispensing justice.


Subjugators are technically packing a lot of non-lethal weapon options as the “Riot Suppression” Arm of the Enforcers. But don’t let that fool you – these guys mean business and aren’t afraid to use deadly force when confronted with threats. They are going to make a mean addition to the Enforcers for sure. Watch out lawbreakers…their are some new Sheriff’s deputies in town!


What do you think of these new Subjugator Models? Are you looking forward to adding them to your Enforcers?

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