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Shots Fired! Mantic Responds…

Nov 18

Mantic just launched Kings of War 3 and they have a message for the community, rolled out just this weekend. I wonder what it means?

You may all remember that Kings of War 3 is now 10 years old, and on its 3rd edition.  It is currently sporting over a dozen armies and it’s community is strong and growing.

Late last week, there was a lot of interest in a certain announcement about a certain world that was, and it’s future plans.

Fast forward 24 hours and we have this video from Mantic.

“We don’t blow up worlds. We build them…

Why wait (a)round for years?




It’s already here.

In Stores Now!”


I’ll let you chime in on this one, but in a competitive marketplace – it is the consumer who always wins!

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