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Star Wars: Armada – Onager-class Star Destroyer Expansion Preview

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Nov 26 2019

The new Onager-Class Star Destroyer is coming to Star Wars: Armada – Get ready to hunt some Rebel Scum!

The Empire is getting a powerful new tool for their arsenal with the Onager-Class Star Destroyer. This siege breaker is ready to unleash it’s heavy firepower on any target!

via Fantasy Flight Games



Unlike the ubiquitous Victory– and Imperial-class Star Destroyers found throughout the Imperial Navy, the Onager-class Star Destroyer is a rare sight, only emerging from its veil of secrecy for sensitive Imperial operations. Despite this, it’s easy to see what makes it such a threat. Outfitted with a special battery armament that accounts for over half the ship’s length, the Onager’s power is evident from the first moment it enters battle.

One of the truly unique features of this Star Destroyer is it’s new attack type. The “ignition attacks” uses a pool of dice and has a different firing arc that is not related to a specific hull sone. This ability also allows it to fire beyond long range! This one is going to take some explaining.


In this picture above, the Onager-class Star Destroyer is firing from it’s ignition token and that can extend its range even beyond long range.

The new ignition attack occurs at the end of the ships activation. This is when you place the token within its own firing arc. After that, when the ship attacks, you must target a ship within the special firing arc, but you measure from the token instead of the the ship. This attack then uses a special battery dice pool instead of it’s firing arc’s pool of dice. You can see the pool from the two different versions of the ship below:


This ship also has a few options for different types firepower and ignition ranges as well:


To further customize your ship, you can take a few different crew members along for the ride:

Finally, the Onager-class Star Destroyer also has a few titles to choose from that will allow you to push your Star Destroyer into even more extremes:

The Onager-class Star Destroyer is sure to find a role to fill in your Imperial Armadas. It might not be quite as powerful as a Death Star, but it packs enough of a punch to threaten most other ships with ease!


Onager-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack $59.95

The Onager-class Star Destroyer is a specialized platform for some of the Empire’s most dangerous weaponry. The arrival of its ominous silhouette in orbit heralds a bombardment by massive particle cannons, or, more rarely, a devastating pulse from superheavy composite beam turbolasers. Its deployment in more sensitive Imperial operations can be neither confirmed nor denied.

The Onager-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack for Star WarsTM: Armada provides your imperial officers with everything you need to add 1 Onager-class Star Destroyer to your game, including 1 painted ship, 1 speed dial, 3 command dials, 2 ship cards, 15 upgrade cards, and a collection of assorted tokens.

Due out in stores in Q4 of 2019!

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