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Warhammer 40K/AoS – Let’s Give Thanks for 2019

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Nov 26 2019

With Thanksgiving around the corner let’s take stock of what every Warhammer Gamer can be thankful for.


GW dove deep, deep, deep down into the narrative side of things with the exhaustively detailed pair of Vigilus books. Not only that, they tied it into the releases of both Shadowspear, and the updated CSM codex alongside the return of Adaddon – with one of the best miniatures of the year.

Plastic Sisters

Oh we have all been waiting for decades and at long last Sororitas have crossed the Rubicon from metal to plastic. They were the last all metal army in the game and I’m sure GW is happy to move into the world of all plastic based armies (aside from some troublemakers).

New Marines

Now while I think Space Marines are too powerful at the moment – I am very happy to see them retake their place as a powerful faction, front and center again. The poster boys for Warhammer 40K had fallen a long way for too long and it’s good to see them have their day in the sun. Don’t worry – it won’t last – it never does.


Psychic Awakening

GW has aparently lost its fear of advancing the narrative of the game. We saw big shakeups and changes in the move from 7th to 8th, and it looks like Psychic Awakening is following in the same footsteps. While we can’t tell exactly what’s happening to the Imperium – it’s exciting to try to figure it out – and get a bunch of unexpected minis along the way. Go Drazhar – who NO ONE saw coming!

Ossiarch Bonereapers

The thematic descendants of Tomb Kings return in an all new cool form. Just as we saw with Kharadron Overlords and Idoneth Deepkin, GW can really come up with totally new cool concepts when they are given enough rope. If you has asked 2 years ago what the most creative Grand Alliance of Age of Sigmar would be – I would not have guessed Death, but that Nagash is full of surprises!

Hedonites of Slaanesh


The Dark Prince returned after too long a slumber. GW took their time, and what a fantastic reimagining and extension to the Slaanesh line we got. The Keeper of Secrets is fantastic, perhaps the best and most sublime of 4 plastic Greater Daemons.


Skirmish comes to Age of Sigmar. It’s nice to see that the game isn’t just using the existing factions, but like Necromunda, added a whole new set of unique warbands to further  explore the Mortal Realms. It’s also a really solid and easy to pick up ruleset.



Contrast Paints

Yup, now ANYONE can get their army to tabletop standard in record time. There is no longer any excuse people.


The Old World

The Old World’s demise has been a thorn in GW’s side, and it’s good to know they are planning on doing something with the nostalgic fan-favorite. Time will tell what they have in mind – but the flames of hope burn anew!

Extra Bonus – Plastic Tiny Airplanes!

I can’t help myself. Now I can run around the office making “Vroom” noises and irriating everyone else. I’ve been waiting for the Ork “Eavy Bommer for a LONG TIME!

~What did GW bring you in 2019 that you are most thankful for?

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