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Warhammer 40K: Primaris Black Templar Units We Want To See

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Nov 7 2019

Faith & Fury is bringing them some new rules – but are the Black Templars going to get some new Primaris’d units? Here are the ones we’d pick!

With the next chapter of Psychic Awakening happening soon and the Black Templars being a part of the fun we here at BoLS figured it was time to take a look a their units to figure out which ones should get the Primaris Treatment. The Black Templars are known for their fierce zealotry and distinct lack of Psykers so the fact that they are getting a nod in Psychic Awakening is interesting.

Now there is a good chance that they will have some back-up via the Sister of Battle, but if this is a battle of Pskyers, then they seem woefully under prepared. So why not give them a boost in the physicality department with some updated Primaris units? Here’s a few we think would be a great option.

Emperor’s Champion

This one seems pretty straight forward. The Emperor’s Champion is “just” a Marine that is selected to take on the mantle of the Emperor’s Champion and is provided with the armament of the Emperor’s Champion. Why couldn’t a Primaris Marine take-up that mantle? This isn’t even a difficult conversion much less a difficult sculpt to turn into a Primaris version. A Primaris Version of the Emperor Champion seems like a no-brainer in our book.

Sword Brethren

Here’s a unit that is unique (in style at least) to the Black Templar. They are the Sword Brethren and I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw any of them on the tabletop. Let’s change that by introducing a Primaris version of them and making them even more deadly and dangerous than their classic marine counter-parts. Hey, maybe we’ll finally get a Primaris Marine with a pair of Lightning Claws out of this…




One of the most unique things about the Black Templars was the fact that they had Initiates and Neophytes fighting together in Crusader Squads. These squads were sometimes clunky and over the different editions caused issues with players confusing how the mixed armor saved work – until that was pretty much scrapped later on. But I think we really need some Primaris-Type scout unit, one that might be close combat focused with lighter armor and maybe even a “terror troop” slant to it to represent the zeal to prove themselves on the battlefield.

If only one of those options existed. And the models could be mixed in with other Primaris units to form Crusader Squads. Yeah…if only.

Chaplain Grimaldus

The High Chaplain of the Black Templars is one of their few unique Characters and it seems like he would be a good candidate to undergo the Primaris Protocol. Plus, he’s got Servitor Attendants who carry chunks of an Imperial Temple with them. Let’s Primaris-ize all of them! A new Primaris Chaplain, new Primaris Servitors, and new Primaris’d Imperial Temple Chunks!


Let’s make them even more epic and grimdark than they already are!

High Marshal Helbrecht

The High Master of the Black Templars has got to take the plunge first, right? How can he lead his new Primaris Men or order his classic marine brothers to endure the Primaris Protocol if he won’t take the trip himself? I’m sure between his Dornian Stubbornness and Righteous Zealotry he’ll make the jump just fine! And hey, if he DOES get enhanced, maybe he’ll finally be able to hunt down Ghazghkull and fulfill that oath he swore to slay him. Wouldn’t that be an interesting campaign to play out?

Bonus: Kill A Character!

Yeah – I said it! Kill one of these options, preferably a character. Why? Because we keep hearing stats about how deadly the Primaris Protocol is and how it’s got a 60% failure rate or some nonsense like that – GW, I’m calling your bluff with the Black Templars. I don’t believe the “reports” about the Primaris Protocol having a high failure rate as we haven’t lost a named character yet. Why not give some weight to what it means to cross the Primaris Rubicon by KILLING one of these characters. 1) It’s not like you can’t replace them anyways – just replace them with their new Primaris counterpart. 2) These characters ARE named so it’s not like some random hero that you just made up died – this really adds a sense of uncertainty to the process and gives it some meaning. 3) The Black Templars are a great fit because they were popular for a time so lots of players can appreciate the character’s death – but they aren’t exactly in the spotlight anymore so it’s probably fine.

C’mon GW – sate our bloodlust and kill a character who attempted to cross the Primaris Rubicon but failed. That’s both grim and dark. Seem legit!


Who should get the Primaris Treatment from the Black Templars? Let us know in the comments!


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