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Warhammer 40K: Taking a Closer Look at Mephiston’s Mini

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Nov 04

GW just LOVES to go back and pull inspiration from their archives. I think the new Mephiston mini has a pretty clear blueprint hidden in plain sight.

OK, let’s look at that new Mephiston video and some screenshots to get an idea of what is coming:

I started poring over the details and then comparing them to some of the latest do-overs from GW and comparing them to their original minis go get an idea of what is coming.





That got me looking for something from the archives that would fit the new GW style -“hyper dynamic – jacked up” vibe the recent characters have. Right off the bat compared to the old mini, we have super flowing and dynamic drapery action on the cape. Note that the cord the syringes and vials of blood are on is blowing up and away from the model’s body.  His left arm os lowered and holding his sword. I would expect his right arm to be up and active, doing “librarian casting stuff”, perhaps with an optional bit for his pistol.

Turning Back 23 years…

Looking back through the GW art archives led me all the way back to the Blood Angels/Dark Angels  2nd edition Codex: Angels of Death from 1996. Flipping to P.95 led me to this masterpiece by Mark Gibbons. Looking at that artwork and comparing it to the teases has quite a lot of similarities in not only the subject matter, but the posing. Note the cord with vials, the sword hand, as well as the blood drops on the bottom of the drapery. Hmmm….

~Anyone want to take a bet that his right hand will match that exact gesture?


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