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X-Wing Fly Better Podcast – XTC Champions with Marcelo and Nino

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Nov 16 2019

X-Wing Pilots, we have a couple of Spanish Champions on!

The week we have a very special pair of guest all the way from Spain. Marcelo Soto and “Nino” Veiga were both member of Team Spain, who went on to win XTC, the largest team event in the world. They talk about their strategies, try to fix some jank, and give the flyboys a debate over two enemy animals.

[00:00:00] Intro Questions
[00:18:00] XTC Talk
[00:40:00] Jank Tank
[01:00:00] Spanish Nationals

Fly Better!

Come join us at the Fly Better Grand Championship in Vegas January 24-26 2020!

S2E02 – Marcelo and Nino: XTC Champions

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