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40k Deep Thought: It’s Time for Primaris Grey Knights

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Dec 18


Two and a half years after 8th began, Grey Knights are the last Marines who cannot use Primaris marines – this cannot stand!

Primaris Marines are GW’s new golden boys – the Stormcast Eternals of the Grimdark, with an ever expanding product line. They have finally eclipsed Classic Marines, and they have earned a time in the sun.

But guess who can’t take Primaris units:

  • Grey Knights

When 8th launched, the Deathwatch also couldn’t use Primaris models, but GW fixed that in a big way in their codex.  In fact, the only “faction” now I can find that is Classic Marines only outside of Grey Knights is… no one. The “no Primaris club” used to be:

  • Grey Knights (still waiting)
  • Deathwatch (got Primarised)
  • Legion of the Damned (unremembered in the new Marine codex)


Why No GK Primaris?

GW has been drawing an ever increasing circle around who gets Primaris Marines, as well as expanding the line of Primaris units themselves. Over the last two years we have seen first the “standard Space Marine codex” start off with Primaris, then the Space Wolves, Dark Angels and Blood Angels got theirs. In time the Deathwatch reinforcements arrived as well.

But Grey Knights are fundamentally different. They are ALL psykers. They use very different locally manufactured equipment, have very different rules and specialized vehicles like the Dreadknight.  More importantly, they are super-dooper secret and have a secret purpose of fighting Chaos. One could argue that adding all the Primaris units would go against the theme of the Grey Knight list and pull them closer to a standard marine list.

Maybe just give this guy a giant sword and paint him silver?


I say “It Is Time”

But on the other hand, while I think that some specific Primaris units we’ve seen so far should not be given to Grey Knights, the concept of Primaris Grey Knights is a winner. If GW were to make some new Primaris models in Grey Knight armor, and have new datasheets for specific units with Grey Knight equipment and Primaris stats – that’s just a sign of the times.

While some “generic” units like the Infiltrators and Eliminators don’t fit the Grey Knight Aesthetic, many more do. The Grey Knight list itself is small, and only a handful of GK units need to be remade in Primaris form.

A single Grey Knight Upgrade sprue could do it. One frame with Grey Knight shoulderpads, heads, and lots of their exotic weapons and wargear could transform several existing units like Intercessors Aggressors and others into Primaris Psychic counterparts to the Strike, Terminator, Paladin, Purifier, Interceptor and Purgation squads. If you want to be really fancy, glam up the Dreadknight with a Primaris pilot bit. Make sure the sprue has a handful of GK logos and bits to dress up the grav vehicles and you’re ready to roll! Just throw the sprue into the existing Primaris kit and rebox them – done.

The Librarian Excuse

Two years ago when 8th Edition was launched, GW was asked on their FB page about Grey Knight Primaris marines and said there were not enough psykers in the Primaris aspirants to make them useful to the GKs.  Well with the arrival of Phobos Librarians, Primaris Tiggie and Mephiston in the last year, I’d say that excuse doesn’t hold water any more.

The Time is Right

It’s almost 2020, and GW is well into their second round of codexes for all the factions. Remember that Codex Grey Knights was one of the very first ones out of the gate – rushed out with little fanfare in early August 2017, the month after 8th launched.  Only the GrandMaster in a Dreadknight unit was added to expand the army. They have languished in the bottom tier of the game’s meta since and are generally ignored. The latest Chapter Approved 2019 was appreciated by the army, but has been too little too late.


They Grey Knights are due some love in Psychic Awakening and I hope it’s just a teaser for an all new codex. It’s time to give the game back one of it’s previous elite armies – and that road should lead to Primaris units.  It’s time.

~Do you think the Grey Knights will get Primaris units the second time around – hopefully soon into 2020?


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