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40K TIMEWARP: 10 Years Ago – Tyranids, 40K Movies, MMOs & More

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Dec 6 2019

Fasten your seatbelts, we are headed back to December 2009 to look back at what everyone was freaking out about – ten years ago.

Ten years back we are all losing our minds over the these:

5th Edition – Codex Tyranids 

The “New” Tyranid codex came out and the community was super excited about the inclusion of a certain new “super bug”, the Trygon. The codex also gave us the Swarmlord and Doom of Malan’tai (but no models for them).

Trygon -Ravenor

Oh I remember when the plastic Trygon came out. It was super, super cool and giant for it’s time.  “What’s that rumbling?!”


RUMORS – Dark Eldar Codex 

After a decade of nothing the rumors were swirling of the totally updated Dark Eldar Codex and their all new range. Folks were kinda excited and had no idea how cool the new minis would be.

Imperial Armour – Apocalypse II

The 2nd supplement for Apocalypse had just shipped. Ohhh hello Chaos Reaver!

Ultramarines: The Movie


The studio behind the first 40K Movie was dropping teasers and the community was lapping them up, not knowing what to expect from the final project.


The Warhammer 40,000 Massively Multiplayer Game was dropping screenshots as well.  That one didn’t pan out… but then again neither did publisher THQ.

Legion of the Damned

Last but not least, GW was showing off new LotD minis, the first in many years.  They still had a good ten years left in their run.


How many of these do you remember, or still have?



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