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Age of Sigmar: 3 Slaves to Darkness Things I’m Excited About

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Dec 4 2019

At long last, the updated Slaves to Darkness Battletome will go up for preorder this weekend, Here’s what I’m excited about in the new book.

This Saturday, at long last, the updated Slaves to Darkness battletome will go up for preorder, along with some snazzy new Endless Spells, warscroll cards, and an awesome new Start Collecting box. We’ve all wanted this forever, and now that it’s here, we can rejoice to the Ruinous Powers. Here are three things I’m excited/hoping for in the new Slaves to Darkness book.


All the new army releases have come with some pretty cool subfactions, and Slaves to Darkness are going to be no different. Warhammer Community has revealed some clues as to how those subfactions are going to play on the battlefield, and they look awesome. From the standard Chaos warband hosts to the organized military of Archaon’s personal legion, all the new subfactions look incredible and a ton of fun to play. As a big fan of Daemon Princes and Chaos beasts, I will probably be doubling down on the Despoilers, but they all seem to be really exciting ways to play, so I’m looking forward to trying them all out!

Chaos Devotion

One of the things that I loved about Chaos Warriors in days of old was that they represented a very loose alliance of warbands each worshiping their own Chaos God, sometimes coming together under the banner of one of the big four but usually just doing their own thing. Because of that, the gods always had their eye on the battle, and should a champion perform an act of greatness, the gods would sometimes grant him a boon. The new book plays up both of these with both the Eye of the Gods table and the Aura of Chaos ability. The latter provides different benefits to warriors who share a chaos alignment with their leader, dependent on the Chaos God they revere. As a devoted fan of Tzeentch, I’m looking forward to seeing what the God of Magic will give to his mortal followers, especially alongside his fellows on the battlefield. And should you not want to settle on a devotion, Chaos Undivided will provide benefits too, for those warbands that just want to raid and pillage for their own minor deity or, occasionally, just for the heck of it. As for the Eye of the Gods table, as before it will allow Chaos champions to get a special “gift” from their patrons for slaying enemy monsters or heroes. You could get stronger, become a Daemon Prince, OR…you could devolve into a spawn, because Chaos is fun like that,



From the new, dynamic poses of the warriors and knights to the customizable heads (look out for my shield maidens of Khorne, coming in 2020), the new Slaves to Darkness kits look like they are going to make some interesting stories come to life on the table. Chaos has always been pretty open to interpretation, and with mutations, boons, or just warlike tribes all playing into the warband’s composition, no two warbands will look the same. Factor in the Cultists and Warcry forces with all their eccentricities and uniqueness, and you’re sure to have an army unlike any other. I can’t wait to see what sorts of ideas my fellow gamers come up with to explain the look of their big bad warriors, and I especially can’t look forward to seeing how all that factors into their tabletop play.

What are you most looking forward to/hoping for in Slaves to Darkness?

Author: Clint Lienau
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