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Best Board Games of 2019 – The Winner

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Dec 27

With 2019 finally nearing its end, here’s our pick for Board Game of the Year!

There were a lot of great contenders this year. Before we get into the runner-ups… or is it runners-up? Hmm, hold on…. Okay, I looked it up. It is runners-up. Now, where was I?

The Nominees

Unfortunately, not every game will win. But wouldn’t that be great? So, here are the 2 runners-up before we announce the winner!

The Runners-up

2nd Runner Up – Aeon’s End Legacy is a good move forward for board gaming as a whole. Maybe people aren’t into the idea of legacy games. The idea of a game being a one-timer experience just doesn’t appeal to a lot of people, and I fully understand why. If you buy something, you should be able to enjoy it as much as you want.

Aeon’s End: Legacy takes the idea of a legacy game and allows it to be incorporated with other Aeon’s End games. Once Aeon’s End: Legacy is completed, the game isn’t just trash in a fancy box. The characters you’ve built can be used in any other Aeon’s End game. The memories of the legacy element to the game will resonate through each time you play.

1st Runner Up – Wingspan was a huge hit this year, no denying that. It’s been hard to find a copy in any store since they fly off the shelves. Pun (sadly) unintended. The art style and totally original theme made this an instant buy for lots of people out there. It’s a fun, engaging game that doesn’t revolve around killing, invading, combat, disease, monsters, or so many things that turn off a lot of people.

It’s hard to anticipate what will resonate well with people. Turns out, it’s birds and wonderfully calming pastel art.

The Winner


Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon is a grand, epic adventure overflowing with theme. I know I kept harping on this during the nominations, but it’s true. Tainted Grail hits the ground running with its story. On top of that, players control so much of how the story plays out. Sure, all campaign games have player choice and interaction, but Tainted Grail really drives that home.

The management aspect of stats, hit points, energy, and sanity all build on the basis of the game that time is short and resources are running thin. You’ve got to get out there and find those missing heroes. Every decision becomes important, every day could be your last and every minute resting is a minute wasted. Tainted Grail is an amazing non-linear adventure game that is more engrossing than plenty of other books or movies.

On a more personal note, I love that players have to explore the map. That’s something that really appeals to me. Uncovering map tiles is a surefire way to make sure I love your game. Plus, having a crudely drawn map at the start just makes me want to explore even more, and play even more.

If you’re a fan of Arthurian legend, campaign based games or dark thematic worlds, Tainted Grail is a must have for your collection.

What was your game of the year?
How does our list stack up to yours?

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