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D&D: Honoring A Legacy – In Game And In Life

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Dec 9 2019

When one gamer’s father passed away, their family D&D night became an opportunity to pass on one last gift in the form of a touching tribute of treasures.

D&D touches many lives. It truly is a game for everyone, whether you’re old or young, whether you’ve never played the game before, or have been rolling dice since the days of 1st Edition, when Elf was a job. It’s a game of the imagination, and it touches on that most human aspect that seems to transcend generations and cultures: creativity. So it seemed fitting, when redditor u/brac20’s father passed away, to take the game that they shared with their family, and use it to find one more chance to remember a loved one, and leave behind a legacy in real life, and in the game. Take a look at this touching story.

via Reddit


My dad passed away in September and D&D had become regular activity for us as a family (mum, dad, sister, her BF, my wife and I) over the course of the year. We even played in August when his MND had gotten pretty bad. Last night was the first session we had played since he died and I wanted his character to pass on some items before leaving to follow his own quest. The link below contains the item cards I made for the 5 items. They may not be balanced but I tried to make them either pass on some of his barbarian traits, bugbear traits, or be in some way linked to him or his relationship with the other characters. Feel free to use them in your games.

Edit: people have been asking about his bio so here is a little something.

My campaign is set in Matt Mercer’s Tal’dorei. Ronan is a bugbear berserker barbarian from Asarius (the city of beasts). He spent much of his life employed as a enforcer for goblin gangs after he bought his brother’s freedom with his own life. Eventually he found an opportunity to escape and took it. After months of travel he found himself in a port city and booked passage from Wildmount to Tal’dorei, unfortunately the ship he traveled on was owned by the Myriad and they took him captive and forced him to fight in underground pit fights in Stilben. One night he broke free and killed the Myriad lieutenant in Stilben in front of hundreds of locals. He ran into the hills of Tal’dorei, but his reputation spread across the land (Folk Hero background).

He is fiercely loyal and protective of his family. He acts before he thinks and is of the opinion that violence normally resolves matters in the most timely fashion. He likes to eat, drink and socialise. A greatsword and javelins are his weapons of choice. He has shoulder length grey hair and a shaggy grey beard. Ronan is 70 years old, but in good shape and 7 feet tall.


And here are the items:

Now Ronan’s legacy can touch your game as well.

Happy Adventuring!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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