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Geekery: ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Release Date Announced

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Dec 30 2019

Season one has been a juggernaut – Baby Yoda and all of the catch phrases have taken over social media, and its main characters have taken over the toy market. A second season was confirmed before the show debuted, and now we have a time frame thanks to creator Jon Favreau.


For those unfamiliar, that’s a Gamorrean. The species was first seen in Return of the Jedi as henchman of Jabba the Hutt. It seems that Favreau, who is writing the series, is continuing to dig into Star Wars history for inspiration. Mando’s (aka Din Djarin) rifle design was taken from the Star Wars Christmas Special.

We had some great directors in the first season, that’s continuing with both the series creator and star Carl Weathers taking the chair for at least an episode each. I’m sure we’ll be seeing many of the lead characters return. I really want to see where Moff Gideon’s (played by Giancarlo Esposito) story is going. Favreau gave some small hints in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the first season had wrapped filming…

“We’re done with the first season. I’m actually writing part of the second season now. So I’m having a blast. The Empire is gone and all hell’s breaking loose in the outer rim, and it’s about the scum and villainy that now, once you take out the rule of law, what happens?” he continued. “Chaos takes over, and you have a lot of the unseemly characters.”


And, of course, there will be more Baby Yoda…


Don’t forget that LucasArts has two other Disney+ projects on their plates – both Cassian Andor (starring Diego Luna) and Obi-Wan Kenobi (starring Ewan McGregor) are getting series that are slated to debut next year.


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