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Warhammer 40K: Fun With Primaris & Pixels

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Dec 31

I’m not saying it IS fake – I’m just saying given enough time and “effort” I made my own Primaris Land Speeder.

Look – I’ve had way too much fun with this one. I’m honestly kind of hoping the “leak” of the new Bikes and Speeder for the Primaris from yesterday was real. But, again, I’m very cautious about this one because I have access to photo manipulation software and, after lunch yesterday, I decided to take a crack at ‘shopping up my own Primaris Land Speeder. Now, I’m not an art student or Photoshop pro – but I spent about 20 minutes messing around and came up with this:

OH YEAH! It looks pretty janky, I know. But that was the point. I wanted to show off what the right amount of pixelation can do:


It’s nice how it blends all those pieces I cut together, right? And obfuscates the details enough so that you can tell there is something there – but it’s too “blurry” to really tell. And then you can shrink it:

Sure, the angle is different and the colors aren’t the same – but hey, I said I spent 20 minutes on it, didn’t I? Now, if I really wanted to get fancy, I’d take a picture with some other models in it for the background shot and pixelate everything to match. But I had “real work” to do at that point so I stopped. It’s taken me more time to write this up than the time I spent on making the image at this point.


Conversely, I suppose I could have shrunk the initial picture, pixelated it and the scaled it back up. I could have also done a slightly better job color matching but hey, I was just goofing around as a proof of concept. Eh – YMMV.

As for the Bikes – again, with enough time and effort, I’m sure you could whip something up as well. That amount of intentional pixeliation can cover-up a LOT. But at the end of the day you still have to ask yourself if you think this is a REAL kit/kits or if it’s just a HOAX that someone with a bit more than 20 minutes put together on the internet?

You know, if nothing else, I do appreciate this picture for the concept. I wouldn’t have thought to take the cockpit of the Land Speeder and ‘shop it into part of an Impulsor. I’m still a little confused about the positioning of the missile racks on the top – but maybe that was just a design choice? I mean, it’s a dead give away, right? GW never makes odd design choices for Space Marines. And DEFINITELY never for Space Marine Vehicles. Never.


Yep. It’s a dead give away. Unless that was the point and GW did it to throw us off their scent…Oh you sly, sly devils! You won’t fool me!

Real or Hoax? To me, it doesn’t matter. As I said at the top I’ve had more fun with this one than I probably should have.



Have we ever had a BoLS ‘Shop contest? I vote we do one now! Make your own Primaris Biker and/or Primaris Land Speeder-thing!

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