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Warhammer 40K: The Tyranid Hormagaunt’s Revenge

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Dec 5 2019
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Move over Genestealers, the Hormagaunts would like to take a chunk out of the heavy armor now with -4 AP attacks. Here’s how.

Things are about to get interesting for Tyranid swarm lists who happen to have a boat load of Hormagaunts. If you’ve already been running them get ready to be even more excited about your ‘Gaunt swarms vs armor because these super Hormagaunts are going to rip through the thickest Armor saves with easy.

The Setup

The first thing you need to do is take a look at the new Hive Fleet Adaptations. You probably spotted Bio-metallic Cysts already:

And because this is a Hive Fleet Adaptation, you can pick a SECOND one from the list. Now, we only teased the first page, but the second page has some pretty nasty options, too. Like Pack Hunters:

Again, because these are Hive Fleet Adaptations, these apply to pretty much all your units anyhow. That includes Genestealers and Warriors, btw. So yes, your Scything Talons across the army are now -1 AP and if you out number your target unit, they are now AP -2. Hormagaunts are probably going to be the unit that can most easily take advantage of this option. “But that’s only AP -2, where are the other two points coming from?!Stratagems!

And Now The Spike

If a unit of AP -2 Hormagaunts isn’t scary enough, let’s make them AP -3 for a round. If a pack of 30 Hormagaunts with AP -2 didn’t scare you before I think it’s time you start worrying just a *little* bit. And after this unit is done ripping their target to shreds, it’s time for the final piece of the puzzle:


For the rest of the battle, they again an additional AP -1, bringing their basic scything talons to AP -2, or -3 if you outnumber them or -4 if you spend yet another CP on them.

Now, that might be a lot of CP to spend on a unit of Hormagaunts but remember, you can do this to multiple units if they survive. And if you’re running a Tyranid Swarm with Hormagaunts, you’ve probably got some more tricks up your sleeve anyhow. The point is that it IS possible to get AP -4 Hormagaunts. They will be re-rolling 1s to hit and probably re-rolling 1s to wound, too. I’ll take those odds.

Who you going to shoot? The Genestealers or the Hormagaunts cause whoever gets there first is going to turn you into a buffet.


Author: Adam Harrison
  • Warhammer Combat Cards - Sisters of Battle