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Warhammer 40K: What To Do With Your Legends Minis

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Dec 4 2019

Now you have a shelf of dusty Warhammer Legends models. We’ve got some solutions for you!

Warhammer Legends is officially out and already major events are saying they are not allowed. So the writing is on the wall for these minis. If you’re an Open and Narrative play kind of player – then you’re all good. But what if you want your beloved and now put-out-to-pasture minis to still get some tabletop love?

We put out heads together and came up with some ideas:


I’m sure you noticed all the biker characters got axed.  So hear my out. What you do it put that bike up on a flying stand with all kinds of flames and debris trailing behind it. Make it a real Evel Knievel – Doomrider kind of piece. Now it’s not a Biker Character – it’s a Jump Pack character. A really low, low tech jump pack. Sorry about the +1T, nothing we can do about that.

Rudolph with His Nose so Bright…

The Space Wolves offer yet another visually exotic option. I think it’s time to let the ThunderWolves free and have your badass Chapter Master Logan Grimnar’s hover sled being pulled by BIKER CHARACTERS!  Why not? May it’s an honor, or maybe they did something really bad.  Hard to tell with Space Wolves.

Chosen of the Emperor

Legion of the Damned really hurts. Their minis are characterful, and they have been in the game since Rogue Trader. But there is no need to worry. In the current meta – everyone knows exactly what to do with excess Space Marine models.


Why no, those certainly aren’t this “Legion of the Damned” you speak of. Those are the “Blazing Knights”, a Successor Chapter of unknown providence. Of course they use Master Artisan (look at those flame and skull motifs on their armor), and Stealthy (they are painted black after all). There, now your models are 1000% better on the tabletop and I even made up the excuses for you. Honesty time – hands up if you were already running them like this.

Chaos Mounts

OK, 4 powers, so 4 solutions:

Juggernauts: Have you considered jumping through the nearest warp portal and trying out Age of Sigmar? Because Lords of Khorne riding Juggernauts are totally a thing over there. If you see a bunch of big dudes in golden armor, don’t worry, they aren’t Custodes. Let them have it with your plasma pistol – they will NEVER see it coming!

Mounts of Slaanesh: Jump Pack Character (let just say boobie-snakes can HOP!)

Disks: Duh – Jump pack character. Alternative solution – It’s the Blue Scribes….in disguise!

Palanquin: – These never looked good even when they were new. Sell that stuff on eBay and get some new models!



Any self respecting Big Mek has no concept of “obsolete”. Everything is just raw material for ever better creations. I have no doubt you can spend a hour with any and all of your Ork Legends models, a hacksaw, plasticard, and a ton of glue – and come out the other side with spectacular customized wagons, nobs, and Deff Dreads. Get crackin Orkimedes!

~What’s your cunnin plan to reuse your favorite Legends minis into something cool (and legal for Matched Play)? 


Author: Larry Vela
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