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40K & Age of Sigmar: The Factions I’m Waiting For in 2020

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Jan 01

We have a good handle on what GW will be producing in 2020. Here’s what I’m most anticipating:

Between formal announcements, and careful parsing of the existing codexes and battletomes, plus some examination of release dates we can put together a decent framework for 2020 releases. Here’s what I’m most looking forward to.


This one’s a gimme. The splash release army and codex are already out, but it will be good to see the full range and book hit the entire community. The minis look great and the Sororitas have earned their time in the sun after 20 years of metal minis. We should hit January running with the Daughters of the Emperor.


With Kharadron Overlords and Disciples of Tzeentch out this week, the celestial lizardmen are the last remaining AoS 1.0 Battletome. I expect that GW wont leave them hanging for too long for the health of the game and to put all the old school books out to pasture. The Seraphon got a “quick and dirty” book last time around, so I have my fingers crossed for some newly “Sigmarized” flashly new units to jazz up the old dinos this time around.

Grey Knights

One of the earliest 8th Edition codexes out of the gate – and it is surely showing it’s age. The army is getting a shot in the arm via Psychic Awakening, but the boys from Titan REALLY need a complete overhaul. They are the last marines in the game without access to Primaris and they need a lot more than point tweaks to get them back on the tabletop.

High Elves

We’ve seen Daughters of Khaine and Idoneth Deepkin arrive in the mortal realms. It’s time for the newly reimagined High Elves to show up. I would expect this to occur after Seraphon. The faction has been hinted at in multiple battletomes and is said to have a heavenly angelic vibe.  We’ll have to see if it’s a complete redo like Idoneth, or a hybrid faction like Daughters of Khaine. In any case, I can hardly wait.

Adeptus Mechanicus

Also an early codex from 8th, the Ad Mech seem like more of a “catch up – tidying” release. They have had several new miniatures released in 2019, and need a codex that includes everything in one place. I have a feeling they will also be getting some of the newer knights they missed in their current codex.

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Dark Elves

It’s a longshot for 2020, but you never know. The newly reimagined dark forces of Malerion are described as having a dark majesty. Many of the Dark Elves kits were redone towards the very tail end of Warhammer Fantasy 8th, so they are somewhat recent. I would bet on this faction being a hybrid similar to Daughtrs of Khaine, and incorporating many of the more recent WFB sculpts with some all new ones. NAGGAROTH FOREVER!

Death Guard

It’s time for the chaos poster boys of 8th to get an updated codex. They were in the boxed set, with an all new amazing plastic range. They are perfectly positioned for a mostly rules update codex with a handful of new kits to bring their stinky awesomeness back to the table in droves. Their durability isn’t what it was at the launch of 8th, but that’s nothing some inspired rules can’t fix.

~ What are you most looking forward to?

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