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Pimpcron: The Power Gamer Test

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Jan 25 2020

Pimpcron has done scientific-type researching out in the field.

Morning ya’ll! I’ve been playing for about a decade and in that time I have ran across plenty of different players types. It is a really complex idea actually, because most people are generally unaware of how they really are. So often times a Win-At-All-Costs player has no idea that they are a WAAC player. Just as many times the people around someone can label them a WAAC when they aren’t.

Power Gamer Gets Thrown Around A Lot

I think it goes without saying that every person really is a unique concoction of nature and nurture that makes them all their own. But I also think it goes without saying that when we speak in generalities we need to make some broad strokes and classify some actions as being of a certain type. Obviously there may be some exceptions to rules but this is my tried and true test to see if you are a Power Gamer and don’t know it. It also works for testing to see if your opponent is a WAAC.

When you start calling people WAAC players.

One other disclaimer before going on with this is that we are not talking about tournament play. In a tournament it is expected that you are taking it seriously and many of these questions would not apply to games other than friendly play. Draw 2 columns on a piece of paper and write the appropriate letters in the column as described.

Here We Go!

  • Have you ever bought models without knowing what their rules do? Have you ever bought models solely because you thought they looked cool? If yes, write down an C in the left column.
  • Do you stay completely up to date with all new rules, errata, leaked abilities, and new releases? If this is you, write down a D in the right column.
  • How comfortable are you with either using a fan-made codex or letting another player play with a fan made codex? If this makes you uncomfortable put down an O in the right column.
  • Do you let your opponents fix mistakes, or take back an action if it is the next phase? For example, letting someone cast some psychic powers once they are in the Shooting phase because they forgot to do their Psychic Phase. If you do allow take-backsies that aren’t too egregious, put down an O in the left column.



These guys heard about narrative missions, so they came out to play.

  • Do you only prefer to play sanctioned rulebook missions? Don’t like throwing a mission together and throwing caution to the wind? Give yourself a U on the right side.
  • Are you willing to voluntarily set up a narrative mission where you may be at a disadvantage for sake of the story? Jot down an O on the left side.
  • Have you ever suddenly become interested in a new army when its powerful new codex comes out? You gotta be honest on this one. Does the hype train arouse you for a new army? That would earn you a C on the right side.
  • How do you feel about proxies? Within reason, are you fine with your opponent using proxied models as long as weapons are clearly marked? Put an L on the left side of your paper.
  • Do you paint your army one specific chapter scheme but use a completely different chapter rule set? In other words, are your Black Templars now iron hands but still painted like the former? If so, that earns you an H on the right column.
  • Are you fine with proxied weapons in friendly games? What if the 2nd Missile Launcher in a Devastator squad is really a Lascannon and the 3rd one is a Multi-melta? If this doesn’t bother you, you’ve earned a G on the left side.

Pictured: a Multi-Melta

  • Have you ever sold an army that was lame and underpowered? That type of action would mean an E on the right side.
  • Do you follow the exact rules as written or do you feel that the game designers don’t always succeed in expressing their true intentions? If you use rules as intended in your games for technicalities give your paper a U on the left side.
  • Have you ever posted on social media asking the community what units are “best” for your new faction? A total B-in-the-right-column move there, skipper.
  • Are your army lists made entirely on your own with no input from or knowledge of what the current meta is? If you are the kind of person who does that, a Y should be in your left column.
  • What about telling a story with your games? If you never stop to create a short reason why your armies are fighting, throw an A up on your right column.
  • Final Question: Will you restrain yourself and pull back if you are crushing an opponent? If the answer is no, then the letter is G in the right column.

There you have it folks! If you have more letters in your left column, you are a great addition to our supportive, friendly community. If you have more letters in your right column, you should reassess your life and stop taking everything so seriously.

How did you score? Tell me in the comments!

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