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Warhammer 40K: ‘Big Bads’ We Want New Models For

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Jan 10

It’s a New Year and these Bad Guys need to follow in the Warmaster’s Footsteps with a new model!

Around this time last year we were on the Abaddon-Hype Train. The Warmaster was being teased as making a return to the tabletop with a SWEET new model. Now it wouldn’t be until March when he showed up – but we knew he was on the way.

After looking back at that excitement from early last year we here at BoLS starting thinking: What are some of the other Big Bads that could a similar update in 2020? Here are our top picks!

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

If any new Ork Stuff comes out this year we had better see a new Ghazghkull model! If you have been keeping up with the events surrounding the self-proclaimed prophet of the Waaagh! then you know that he’s been psychically …enhanced. He’s been spotted all over the galaxy uniting the Ork Klans – and some reports even have him appearing at multiple places at once. It’s troubling times for the Imperium for sure – so why not celebrate him with a beefy new model!?

Asdrubael Vect

By the longest of long shots we hope for a new Vect model. And maybe some rules to go with it. He’s still present in the lore and his fingerprints are all over the Drukhari’s influence. His cloning tech is pivotal to the Aeldari plan to defeat Slaanesh. So will this ever happen? Will we see a new model for the insidious Asdrubael Vect in 2020? We highly doubt it, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming, right?

Daemon Prince Fulgrim


Speaking of Slaanesh…What about a new Fulgrim model!? Hey, if we can get an awesome looking Morathi with wings and a snake body, and we can get a new Keeper of Secrets with a fantastic new look what about poor old Fulgrim? He’s could finally join his brothers Magnus and Mortarion on the tabletop! Plus it could usher in a whole new line of Emperor’s Children goodness, too. It’s another pipe dream but we keep hearing murmurs that *something* is in the works for this Daemon Prince Primarch. Here’s hoping we see a new model for him in 2020!

Tyranid Dominatrix

You know which faction desperately needs a plastic Lord of War? It’s the Tyranids. And you know which model could fit the bill? The Dominatrix! Now, this is the old Epic model and to be honest, it probably wouldn’t translate very well if they just made this model but larger. It could use a redesign and it could take advantage of all the awesomeness that 20+ years of technology advances can provide. And it could be reworked as a new plastic kit. And it could happen in 2020! Okay, it’s another long shot…But if GW wanted to make it happen I’m sure they could.

Lion El’Jonson

Is it cheating to have two traitor Primarchs on the list? I don’t think so. Especially since this one never really went full-on daemon. Besides, now that the traitor Dark Angels have access to Primaris Tech, everything is back on the table for the followers of Chaos, right? First, it’s Primaris Chaos Marines, next it’s another Traitor Primarch. Man, poor old Robbie G doesn’t have any of his brother backing him up. But we still think a new Traitorous Chaos Primarch would be awesome in 2020.


So which Big Bads would you like to see get a new model in 2020?



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