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Warhammer 40K: Shadowsun Is Officially Unveiled

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Jan 04

Commander Shadowsun is getting a new miniature! It’s about time we got some new Xenos love, right?

The Hero of the T’au’s Third Sphere Expansion is getting a brand new model. Commander Shadowsun was spotted earlier, but now we’re getting our official look at this conquering hero.

via Warhammer Community

Her newly up-gunned battlesuit now comes equipped as standard with an arsenal of weapons, from a flechette launcher to light missile pod, and the choice of tank-busting high-energy fusion blasters or Space Marine-melting dispersed fusion blasters. Shadowsun is also accompanied by her trusty pair of high-tech drones which bring with them a suite of handy tactical abilities.

On top of being a great new model with three different head options, Shadowsun is also getting some new rules too. She’s going to be able to lead ANY T’au Sept! No longer limited to just her homeworld’s Sept, Shadowsun will be able to lead ANY T’au collection into battle now. I’m betting we’re going to see her taking on all manner of new assignments. So bust out your Riptides and your Ghostkeels – it’s going to be Shadowsuns time in the spotlight.

Psychic Awakening Confirmation

Also one last tidbit – her rules are going to be updated in the fifth book for Psychic Awakening – Greater Good. We all kind of knew that was going to be the case but GW DID confirm that today.


What we still don’t know or have any confirmation about is who, exactly, the T’au will be up against. However, from the artwork we saw and if you look really closely in the video, you can see a Genestealer hanging out in a few of the background shots. Are we about to see T’au vs Genestealer Cults? Oh my…

For now, get ready for Commander Shadowsun’s imminent arrival!

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