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AoS: The Best Of The Best – Top 5 Fighters

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Mar 29 2020

Alright it’s time to gather together the best battlers in the Mortal Realms. How do your favorites stack up? Come and check out our top five.

Across the Realms, mighty champions have arisen to lead the forces of Order, Destruction, Chaos, and Death. Each of them carries their own strengths and weaknesses, but one must ask themselves: who’s the strongest? So I undertook the challenge, and here’s what I’ve come up with for the top 5 strongest special characters in Age of Sigmar. This is only based on raw destructive power, so even if some heroes have better support abilities, these are the folks that hit the hardest. Note that these estimates are based off POSSIBLE damage, so it is measuring their highest possible output and perfect rolls.

#5: Alarielle the Everqueen

Coming in right at the bottom of our list is the Matron of Ghyran herself, Alarielle. At full strength, she and her Wardroth mount can deal a staggering 41 damage in the combat phase alone, and she still has a damaging spell and a shooting attack. Plus, she deals d3 mortal wounds to each unit within 1” after she charges on a 4+. That’s a lot of destruction for someone with the power of Life magic…

#4: Prince Vhordrai

Flapping in to the number 4 spot is the prince of vampires, Vhordrai, the strongest of the Soulblight. At full strength and on the charge, Vhordrai and his dragon can crank out 44 damage, and he has a spell to make sure all his attacks go through. In addition, his dragon Shordemaire can breathe a blast of pure Shyish energy, dealing up to 6 mortal wounds on a 3+, or a 2+ if he killed anything in the previous combat phase (which I can almost assure you he did).

#3: Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork


Sitting comfortably at the middle of the pack is the biggest of da bosses, Gordrakk. While at full strength, Gordrakk and his Mawkrusha Bigteef can deal a respectable 38 damage, and while that isn’t as high as the previous entries, I’m ranking him higher because of his alternate destructive traits. First, when he charges he gets to roll 9 dice, dealing a mortal wound to his target for each roll of a 5+, and should he wipe that unit he gets to charge another one and do it again. Second, Bigteef has a shooting attack that can pile an additional 6 damage on top of his combat damage. And third, should he manage to kill anything in the combat phase (which, as with Vhordrai, he definitely will), his attacks both increase by one, giving him even more damage potential. Also, it should be noted that against Wizards his initial damage increases to 48 thanks to the mortal wound boost from Kunnin’.

#2: Skarbrand

The angriest of angry lads, Skarbrand screeches in at number 2, which honestly probably makes him even angrier that he didn’t make top spot. At full potential (which is hilariously when he hasn’t fought or is about to die) he can deal a monstrous 43 damage, which is again lower than Vhordrai, but he gets top spot because a good deal of that damage is mortal wounds, meaning they go through regardless of armor. This comes from his axe Carnage, which deals 8 mortal wounds to anything he hits, or a squad-shattering 16 if he rolls a 6. Plus, he can still yell really loud for an additional 5 potential damage.

#1: Archaon, the Everchosen


Surprising no one at all, the most powerful fighter in the Realms is the big daddy of Chaos, Archaon. Before even considering all the special abilities he has, Archaon and Dorghar can deal a mind-numbing 48 wounds in the combat phase alone. Beyond that, he’s ALSO a wizard, and should two of his Slayer of Kings attacks roll a 6 to wound against an enemy hero, that hero is immediately slain. Doesn’t matter if it’s a footslogging Knight-Questor or Nagash himself, it’s gone. Archaon truly sits as the baddest of the bad, and is definitely deserving of the title of Everchosen.

Who do you think should be the top fighter in the Mortal Realms? Let us know in the comments!

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